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LASIK & Vision Stories of Pinterest

Social media site Pinterest is a source of inspiration to millions — and it goes beyond cupcake recipes and kitchen decorating ideas. Some pinners use the site to share their LASIK experiences, eye health information and even ocular humor. Here are some LASIK and vision-related pins curated by the See For Yourself staff. Enjoy!


Pinned by Mandy Beyeler  Mandy, founder and author of the Sugar Bee Crafts blog, underwent LASIK in 2011. Her pin leads to a blog post listing a number of “random things” she learned as she received the procedure. Mandy ends the post by saying LASIK was “so worth it.” Helpful and humorous, this pin should appeal to potential patients who want a first-person account of the LASIK procedure.


Pinned by Ashley Bowie  Ashley pinned an infographic called “Eyes by the Numbers,” which contains a plethora of eye-related facts. For example: more than six out of 10 adults in the U.S. require prescription eyewear. And: Only 1-2 percent of the world’s population has green eyes.


Pinned by Kristen Hudson  Kristen discovered the tale of a LASIK patient who had two reasons to celebrate. When Lindsey went to her next-day, postop checkup, the optometrist asked her to read a Snellen chart to test her visual acuity, which is standard procedure. However, the chart was anything but standard. It was a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Andrew. Lindsey left the doctor’s office with improved vision and a new fiancé!


Pinned by Carrie Rubin  LASIK patients can look forward to more than just improved vision, as demonstrated by this pin. Carrie planned to try out a number of fun eye makeup styles — all without worrying about glasses obscuring her look or stray eye shadow getting in her contacts. However, she did have to wait a short time to break out the eyeliner. Patients should not apply makeup near the eyes for one week after the procedure.


Pinned by Stephanie Starodub  Yogi Berra is almost as famous for his witty quotes as he is for his baseball career. Stephanie’s pin reminds us — whether we have 20/20 vision, glasses or contacts — to slow down, open our eyes and enjoy the world happening around us.   Pinterest is great for information, inspiration and laughs. But if you have questions about your eye health, or you’re interested in LASIK, visit an experienced eye doctor.