Cost of LASIK or PRK Eye Surgery


Since the founding of LasikPlus in 1995, our commitment to patients has remained to provide state-of-the-art technology, from some of the most experienced LASIK doctors in the United States, while also offering patients industry-leading value and affordability. While the typical cost of LASIK in the United States today is over $2200 per eye, at LasikPlus we provide LASIK to certain patients for as little as $250 per eye with our LasikPlus $250 promotional pricing. Unlike some LASIK providers who may advertise pricing that patients never seem to receive, ever, at LasikPlus thousands and thousands of patients who were safe candidates for our LasikPlus $250 promotional pricing are now enjoying their new eyes, having paid literally $250 per eye, which can feel like the ‘deal of the century,’ as a number of such patients have told us.

Although hundreds of patients per month may be candidates for our LasikPlus $250 promotional pricing, depending on your individual prescription, corneal thickness, pupil size, overall eye health, and the safest technology option for your eyes, certainly not all patients are. For these patients, they typically pay between $999 – $1700 per eye, with no patients paying more for All-Laser, Custom LASIK with our LasikPlus Lifetime Advantage Plan than just over $2000 per eye. That is the most you can pay, period. Our pricing is all-inclusive, with no hidden fees or charges that will sneak up on you.  Our LASIK doctors are committed to providing you with a customized treatment plan that gives you the highest chance of achieving 20/20 vision*.

While ultimately how much your LASIK costs may depend on such clinical criteria, any insurance discounts for which you qualify, and whether you’re a candidate for our unique Lifetime Advantage Plan, among other factors, all patients at LasikPlus are provided industry-leading value.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cost of LASIK at LasikPlus

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Managed Care Insurance Plans

LasikPlus is the featured provider for many leading health and vision managed care insurance plans, including EyeMed®, Cigna®, Aetna®, Humana®, BCBS®, among others. In addition to helping verify the experience and character of your LasikPlus-affiliated surgeons, these managed care insurance plans may offer their members valuable discounts and other savings off their LASIK procedure. These managed care insurance plans have done their due diligence, about the surgeon involved in your care and the value of the care you get. They know that some LASIK providers charge for your pre-operative examination and ocular analysis to see if you’re even a safe candidate for the procedure. In some cases, LASIK practices may try to charge you $120 or more for these type of exams. Some LASIK providers also charge you separate fees for the surgeon, the equipment used, postoperative care, and “add-ons” like punctual plugs that are not necessary for most patients. At LasikPlus, there are no charges for your pre-operative examination to see if you’re a safe candidate for the procedure. There are no hidden fees for the surgeon, the equipment, post-operative care, or unnecessary “add ons”. Rather, with prices that are generally all-inclusive and the care and experience of your world-class LasikPlus surgeon and team, it is little wonder much-leading health and vision managed care insurance plans choose LasikPlus as their featured LASIK provider.



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State-of-the-Art Technology

Part of our heritage at LasikPlus includes our long-standing commitment to provide patients state-of-the-art technology. As an academic surgeon and patient-centric physician, our founder, Dr. Stephen Joffe has long embraced the need to provide his fellow surgeons a variety of advanced technology to help their patients achieve the best clinical results. For over 20 years, LasikPlus has offered patients multiple excimer laser platforms to customize the treatment to their unique and individual vision correction needs. LasikPlus was of the first LASIK providers in the U.S. to offer patients Custom Wavefront technology and first adopted All-Laser, bladeless femtosecond technology over 10 years ago. In fast, LasikPlus-affiliated surgeons are among the most experienced All-Laser LASIK surgeons in the U.S., with many surgeons having each safely performed tens to thousands of such procedures. Today, we offer patients both Wavefront-Optimized and Wavefront-Guided LASIK procedures. The Custom Wavefront LASIK technology we use was the first laser system in the U.S. to improve nighttime glare and halo, as certified by the FDA. This technology has also been actively embraced by various branches of the U.S. military, including NASA and the United States Air Force, Army, and Navy.

In addition to the actual excimer lasers used to perform LASIK eye surgery, we have ensured our medical team has access to advanced diagnostic equipment which is used during your FREE LASIK examination to determine if you are a safe candidate for one of our procedures. Our high-resolution Pentacam® provides imagery of your eye’s shape and size, including the curvature and corneal thickness, all factors important in determining your safe candidacy. We also conduct topographic/tomographic testing to look at the complete surface of your eye so we can provide the treatment plan optimized for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Technology

If you get LASIK and currently wear contacts, how much will you save over your lifetime?

††Estimated cost of your contacts over time:


††Based on the selected age and type of contact lenses costs are estimates provided for comparison purposes only. Contact lens cost estimate excludes the cost of an annual routine eye exam. Contact lens costs will vary.

When thinking about LASIK, you should consider the cost of not having LASIK. When you take into account the amount of money you will spend over time as a glasses and/or contact lens wearer, the one-time cost of LASIK may come into focus as the better option. Not to mention to the hassle of buying contacts and solutions, putting contacts in, or searching for your glasses every time you wake up. Think about what you could do with that long-term savings of money and your time!

In addition to the monetary and time savings provided by having LASIK – you will be helping the environment. Contact lenses are microplastics which are very slow to degrade. About 20% of contact lens wearers simply flush their old lenses, sending these small plastics into our waterways. Considering a large number of contact lens wearers, this is about 9 million pairs or 18 million individual contacts placed into our waterways. You can read more about the environmental damages caused by contact lens disposal here.


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