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YouTube Star Sees the Beauty of LasikPlus

Talk to some people about having a laser eye procedure, and they’ll cringe. “A laser in my eye? You’ve got to be kidding!” While the idea can be frightening to some, one YouTube blogger overcame her apprehension and in return got the perfect vision she’s always wanted. Leesha, a beauty vlogger with more than 490,000 followers, is often on-camera doing makeup tutorials and giving advice. Glasses only got in the way, and contacts gave her headaches after just a few hours of wear. She’d always wanted to have laser eye surgery, but had put it off for various reasons. Finally, she decided to schedule a consultation with LasikPlus.

“The Perfect LASIK Candidate”

“I found out I was the perfect candidate,” Leesha says. “I was a little nervous, but when I went to the consultation, it made me feel a lot less worried.” She was especially surprised to hear how quickly the surgery could be done. “I learned that it’s about 10 to 15 seconds to laser each eye,” she says. And, in total, “In less than 15 minutes you can get perfect vision.” Leesha felt so much at ease about getting the surgery, she scheduled her procedure for the following week.

Surgery Anxieties

On the day of the surgery, Leesha’s nerves returned. Sitting in the waiting room before her procedure, she felt anxious and was eager for her turn to come. Accompanied by her mother, who filmed the procedure for Leesha’s YouTube channel, she walked into the procedure area. After numbing eye drops were applied to her eyes, Leesha laid back in the chair. “You feel pressure, but you don’t feel pain,” she says of the surgery. “It kind of felt like having an eyelash in your eye. It’s irritating a little, but not painful.” Before she knew it, the procedure was done. “In and out, it was 12 minutes,” she says. “Which blows my mind because it’s crazy to me how quickly this technology works.”

A 20/20 World

By the time a couple of hours had passed, and Leesha’s doctor had called to check on how she was doing, Leesha had been able to remove her protective sunglasses and go back to everyday activities. She would eventually find out that her vision was now 20/20. “I have been so impressed with LasikPlus,” she says. “It’s so funny to be able to look out the window and say, ‘I didn’t know trees had that many leaves!’ I didn’t even realize how much I relied on my glasses and contacts. To not have to worry about that is really cool.”