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My Experience with LASIK at LasikPlus: Maira Garcia

Maira Garcia’s LASIK Experience with LasikPlus

Are you tired of constantly wearing glasses and contacts? Do you want to be able to wake up and see clearly without any help? Well, Maira Garcia was in the same boat as you, and she decided to take the plunge and get LASIK. Lets take a look at Maira’s experience and how it changed her life for the better.

Maira’s decision to get LASIK was driven by two main reasons. The first reason was her frustration with wearing glasses and contacts. She found glasses uncomfortable to wear during physical activities, and contacts made her eyes dry and irritated. The second reason was a scary experience during her Europe trip when she almost lost her glasses while looking over the Liffey River in Ireland. This made her think about what would happen if she lost her glasses while in another country and how it would affect her ability to see.

To help her overcome her fear of the LASIK procedure, Maira did extensive research on the topic. She looked into various places in Arizona that performed LASIK, and LasikPlus caught her attention due to their great reviews. She then went in for a free consultation where the staff was welcoming and informative.

Maira appreciated how LasikPlus provided her with a wealth of information through in-person consultations, videos, and reading materials. On the day of the operation, Maira drove to LasikPlus with her brother, who would drive her home after the procedure. She filled out paperwork, paid the cost of the procedure, and underwent a few more tests to ensure her eyesight had not changed drastically since her initial consultation. Everything looked good, and she was ready to go.

Maira met Dr. Perry, who walked her into the operating room, which had glass walls so her brother could watch her during the procedure. Maira felt calm during the procedure, as she knew what to expect from her research. Dr. Perry explained the steps of the procedure as he worked on her right eye. The clamp used to keep her eye open was her least favorite part, but it was over quickly, and she felt no pain, just a little pressure. Maira said that Dr. Perry was reassuring and kept her laughing throughout the procedure.

After the procedure, Maira’s brother drove her home, and she slept for a few hours. She woke up feeling great and amazed at how clear her vision was. She followed the prescribed regimen of eye drops to help with the healing process. Maira also noted that the cost of LASIK at LasikPlus was reasonable and that they had financing options available.

Maira no longer has to worry about the annoyance of wearing glasses or contacts and feels free to pursue any physical activity she desires. She stated that she’s happy she did her research and found LasikPlus, where the staff was friendly and informative, and the procedure was quick, painless, and reasonably priced.

If you are tired of wearing glasses or contacts and are considering LASIK, we can to help any question you may have. First, get started by scheduling a free LASIK consultation at a LasikPlus vision center near you.