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LASIK in Cincinnati

7840 Montgomery Rd
Suite 100, First Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Vincent Marino, D.O.
Cincinnati Vision Center

Cincinnati, OH LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

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LasikPlus - Cincinnati, OH LasikPlus - Cincinnati, OH

7840 Montgomery Rd
Suite 100, First Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Sat up from the procedure and was able to see better immediately. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The procedure itself did not take more than 15 minutes. The feeling afterwards was just a little of dry eyes but you have drops for those. It's not an uncomfortable dry eye experience. Much like when you leave your contacts in overnight. I'm an RN and they followed or procedural protocol and very thorough with making sure you understand post - procedure care. They also recheck everything the day after. Don't wait. Wish I'd done it sooner. (review from Yelp!) 
Lillian M.
Cincinnati, OH
This is seriously life changing. My prescription was -9.00 for contacts and -9.75 for eye glasses. I pretty much could only see 3 inches in front of my face. When I was younger I used to wear glasses but after my prescription got too heavy I started having bad migraines from them so I switched to contacts in the 8th grade. It was so surreal waking up from my nap and being able to see clearly as soon as I opened my eyes, no glasses or contacts! I used to have anxiety with taking out my contacts because if there were ever an emergency and I needed to get out of my house, like a fire, I couldn’t see. I feel like crying because I was born with blurry vision and I’ve had glasses and contacts ever since I was really young and now I can just open my eyes and it’s clear. It’s like seeing for the first time all over again. I can see the leaves on the trees. I highly recommend getting this surgery. I know it can come off as scary because it’s your freaking eyes, I had anxiety about getting it done beforehand, but it was easy and fast - the doctors and the staff were so nice and helpful. It was such a positive experience. I’m so happy I did this. 
Ciara C.
Cincinnati, OH

Google Reviews of our Cincinnati OH, LasikPlus Vision Center

Derek S.   

5I can see!! But in all seriousness, my vision is nearly perfect post surgery. The entire staff is extremely helpful and professional. They fully inform you on what you will experience during and after the surgery and it only takes a few minutes to do. The staff, results and experience has been wonderful!  
Kelsie C.   

5I had been wearing contacts since I was 5 years old. I finally realized I was spending an obscene amount on contacts and decided to see if I was a candidate for lasik. After going to my free consultation, I found out I was a candidate and quickly scheduled my procedure for a few weeks later. Today is the day after the procedure, and I can already tell a difference! The staff is extremely nice, and while I was nervous for the procedure, I knew I was in good hands, and everything worked out fantastically! Since I'm only 23, their lifetime guarantee was a huge selling point. Being able to see unaided is great and completely worth it :) 
Barry R.   

5This was the probably the best experience at a doctors office ever. -650 and -675 and two days later I was 20/15. I was treated with respect, and genuine care. Plus they made it fun. Carol-A+ Receptionist that remembered my name two days later-A+ Charlie-A+ James-A+ Super impressed crew. Great job. Barry 
Chelsea L.   

5By far the best decision I've ever made. Well worth the money because its a life long investment. I've been wearing contacts for almost 10 years and I was -4.00 in each eye. I could immediately see when the procedure was over which only lasted about 10 minutes. Dr. Marino and the nurses were very nice and eased any anxiety I had going into the procedure. the next day I had 20/20 vision and there is a chance once I'm fully recovered I could have 20/15 vision. It's such a great feeling being able to wake up and see in the morning without glasses or contacts to constantly worry about. The procedure cost me a little over $3,500, in the grand scheme of things this is very reasonable to be able to see without glasses and a life time guarantee on the surgery with free corrections if needed. I would suggest Dr. Marino and his staff to anyone with no hesitations! 
Will P.   

5Fantastic service, helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable doctors and staff, quick and painless procedure. Went from having to read things an inch from my face to crystal clear vision. Would recommend them to anyone interested in eye correction surgery. 

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