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LASIK in Tampa

2202 North West Shore Blvd
Suite 100
Tampa, FL 33607

Lewis Groden, M.D.

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Tampa Vision Center

Tampa, Florida LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

Your Tampa, Florida LasikPlus Vision Center Location

2202 North West Shore Blvd
Suite 100
Tampa, FL 33607

Google Reviews of our – Tampa, Florida FL, LasikPlus Vision Center

Roxanne D.   

5I've had such an amazing experience here! The minute you walk in, the staff at the front desk is smiling and ready to help. The environment is friendly, and comfortable. My first visit with the consultation and tests went so smoothly, and each person who I interacted with was genuinely friendly. I just had my procedure done yesterday, and it was quick and simple. I was very impressed with the level of service and care each person gave. Dr. Groden spoke to me before the surgery to explain exactly what would happen. He has a warm personality and made me feel very comfortable. The part I was most impressed by was that he spoke throughout the procedure to tell me what was happening and how I may feel. The procedure felt like it was less than 5 minutes. I have already recommended this office to at least 10 friends! If you're thinking about getting Lasik, definitely go here, you will not be disappointed! 

5My experience was great! They took the time to make sure I understood all the steps, risks, and aftercare involved. They answered all my questions, I never felt rushed. The whole procedure took 10 minutes and was painless. 
Jennifer W.   

5Very friendly staff very through exam! I had my eyes done in 2002 and still see perfect! In today for a family member and same great device and quality exam. Honest evaluation too. Wasn't recommended for my husband and they were honest it's not the right thing for him. 
Wenwen Z.   

5Had a great experience here. The surgery was only about 3 min long. I had burning and tear after the surgery and it lasted for like 4 hours. And then I felt less and less discomfort. And the second day I almost felt nothing just a little dry. I struggled for years whether I should do this. And I can tell you you won’t regret!😉😉 
Melissa M.   

5Excellent service, staff is friendly and thorough. The procedure was fast and not as bad as I had anticipated. I'm happy with the results. The md was very helpful with explaining what he was doing throughout surgery. Definitely recommend!! 

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