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LASIK in Richmond

10571 Telegraph Rd
Suite 100
Glen Allen, VA 23059

Neil Wills, M.D.

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Glen Allen Vision Center

Richmond, Virginia LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

Your Richmond, Virginia LasikPlus Vision Center Location

10571 Telegraph Rd
Suite 100
Glen Allen, VA 23059

Google Reviews of our – Richmond, Virginia VA, LasikPlus Vision Center

Will N.   

5Just came in for my follow up after 30 days post op. To no surprise, I was treated with the same level of care and service as always. I absolutely love that I chose this place for my surgery. I recommend it to anybody looking to improve their vision. Best place ever! EDIT: 11/28/2017 I have just finished my last follow up(90 days from surgery) and I'm seeing 20/15!!!!! I have had the best experiences here every time I've come in. The staff is absolutely second to none! They are knowledgeable, friendly, quick to assist, and very much concerned about each patient. I would never recommend anywhere else for your visions needs! 
Nellie G.   

5I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire process from beginning to end. The staff are great! They’re down to earth and make you feel comfortable at every stage of the process. The surgery itself can be a bit scary due to the unknown; however, Dr. Wills talks you through everything he’s doing. The two areas that involve pressure on the eye, Dr. Wills and staff count down on how long it takes. The healing process is uncomfortable for the 1st 6 hours, but that’s a small price to pay for 20/15 vision. Highly recommend this office and physician to anyone wanting to do away with their glasses and contacts! Thank you Dr. Wills and staff! 
Liliya P.   

5I just had a second touch up operation because my vision had slightly regressed over the course of four months. I was pleased with how quickly they scheduled this because I moved out of state and really needed to get this done while I was home for the holidays. I am so happy that I am covered for life and that LasikPlus is nationwide. The Richmond and Alexandria office staff and doctors were always friendly and helpful. Thank you for making this experience a good one and for giving me 20/20 vision! 💕👀💕 
lisa m.   

5The experience was absolutely amazing! The staff is friendly and Dr.Wills was awesome. He even called me the night of my surgery to check on me. That made me feel very good! Thank you all for the amazing life changing experience. I'm seeing 20/20! 
Carly C.   

5Getting lasik has to be the best thing I have ever done! The surgery is super easy and completely painless. I felt like as soon as I laid down I was standing back up and it was all over. The staff at this location is absolutely AMAZING. I have never been in a doctors office and felt 100% comfortable like this. They are sincere and dedicated to making sure you are taken care of. I will recommend this to any and everybody who wears glasses or contacts. Thank you, LasikPlus, you have changed my life! 

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