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LASIK in MapleGrove

7767 Elm Creek Blvd
Suite 140
Maple Grove, MN 55369

Omar Awad, M.D.
Maple Grove Vision Center

Maple Grove LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

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7767 Elm Creek Blvd
Suite 140
Maple Grove, MN 55369

Google Reviews of our – Maple Grove MN, LasikPlus Vision Center

Carrie B.   

5I HIGHLY recommend LasikPlus in Maple Grove to anyone considering LASIK or PRK. Starting from the consultation, the staff was incredible. Friendly, knowledgable, and SO excited FOR ME. I've had glasses since I was five and have a decently high prescription, so I didn't even think LASIK was going to be an option. But the staff went through all the tests and confirmed I was a candidate. I just had my procedure yesterday, and WOW. I feel like a new person. Again, the staff was fantastic day-of my procedure. It was so smooth, and I was just so excited that I couldn't be nervous. I know I've written WAY too much, but everyone here was fantastic and so helpful. THANK YOU!!! 
Jill D.   

5I had PRK treatment done. The staff was excellent at explaining the procedure and reasoning for needing PRK vs lasik. The first 2 days after PRK was spent resting as my eyes were irritated and sensitive to light. By the 3rd day my eyes were feeling much better. My vision was improved immediately after the procedure and continues to improve each day. All the staff at Maple Grove clinic were very personable and professional! I was able to schedule my initial consult and have my surgery within 1 wk! I'm excited to not need glasses or contacts to see anymore! 
Joe W.   

5First of all the consultation was very positive and fun while being very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed Tyler's help and was thrilled when I saw his familiar face in the procedure room. I have extremely sensitive eyes, to the point that I actually fainted when an eye doc tried putting contacts in my eyes when I was younger. So I was skeptical about the whole procedure but it was short and sweet. I had a Bruce Springsteen song in my head to keep my nerves at bay and that helped a lot. Everyone was great and I was thrilled about my whole experience and am happy with my choice on where I chose this life changing procedure. 
Alex K.   

5HIGHLY recommend LasikPlus! The staff at Maple Grove is AWESOME! They are very reassuring when it comes to concerns and explain everything in detail so you know what to expect before and after treatment. It's amazing how fast the actual procedure is! Literally, less than 10 minutes, sleep for a couple of hours and you can SEE!! I am so glad I did it and am SO GLAD I chose LasikPlus and Dr. Awad for the procedure. 
Mathias M.   

5I'm writing this review only six hours after getting my surgery at LasikPlus in Maple Grove. Every step of the process was easy, and the staff were all very helpful and friendly. The surgery lasted only fifteen minutes or so. I think they could tell I was nervous, so they gave me a teddy bear to hold... which actually helped calm the nerves. As far as the surgery went, everyone involved was very reassuring. They explained every step of the process beforehand, and then walked me through it again as they were treating me. They also gave me a few chances for small Q&A session with the doctor should I need them. The pain after the surgery was pretty rough, but they braced me for it well. I'm definitely glad that I chose this establishment for my LASIK surgery, because I believe your eyes are a worthwhile investment and deserve the best care! 

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