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LASIK in MapleGrove

7767 Elm Creek Blvd
Suite 140
Maple Grove, MN 55369

Omar Awad, M.D.
Maple Grove Vision Center

LasikPlus Reviews – Maple Grove

LasikPlus Vision Center

7767 Elm Creek Blvd
Suite 140
Maple Grove, MN 55369

LasikPlus Reviews on Google

amy l.   

4I hope someone finds this review helpful! After looking at a few places that offered LASIK/laser eye surgery, I went with LasikPlus because of the prices and I had qualified for more treatment options. I went with the CustomVue and my results were good. I appreciated the friendly staff and warm atmosphere. Chris Buntrock performed my procedure and did a great job at explaining the process and what was going to happen prior to the procedure. The process was fast and efficient as the staff was well trained to walk me through each step of the eye exams, paperwork, instructions post procedure, etc. The only thing that I minded during my experience was that the initial consultation felt sales-like and pushy. I'm much more comfortable making a decision rather than feeling like someone is talking me into it- I didn't appreciate the pressure and being told repeatedly "Everyone always tells me I wish I didn't wait/I don't know why I waited to get this done". I declined to set a procedure date and returned a few months after I felt more comfortable and looked at a few other competitors. It was very easy to schedule the procedure and to even reschedule when my schedule had an unexpected conflict. I do recommend LasikPlus and this location. The staff was friendly and professional and the rest of my experience went well. Unrelated to my rating and review- I personally recommend anyone looking to get LASIK/laser eye surgery to do a lot of research and to talk to anyone you know who has had the procedure. It helped me a lot during my experience.
Kelly E.   

5I just had my lasik procedure done this afternoon. The procedure itself was extremely quick and easy. No pain. The staff were incredible in ensuring that I was comfortable, had all my questions answered and understood honestly what to expect and how to take care of my eyes afterwards. I took my prescribed 4 hour nap and although my eyes are a little sensitive to light and hurt a bit, I can see!! I strongly recommend LasikPlus Maple Grove. From my consult all the way through the procedure, everyone I came in contact with was kind, professional and knew their stuff. Now I get to drive myself to my follow up appointment tomorrow morning with no need for my contacts or glasses!
Katie J.   

5From the consult to the actual surgery, even during and after, the staff are some of the nicest and most knowledgeable people you could ask for. They make you feel at ease with any questions or concerns you may have, or even with catching a few Star Wars references you may throw out! 😉 The procedure itself was very fast. In fact, I was only in the office for a little over an hour, from check-in to leaving. Dr. Awad is an amazing surgeon. After finishing my right eye, and moving on to my left, there was some discomfort that I felt. He stopped what he was doing and made sure that I was comfortable before continuing. Now, I'm not going to lie, the first few hours after the surgery were not fun. In fact, it was rather uncomfortable and even painful at times. But, making it through those first few hours, was definitely worth it. This is my morning after my procedure, (my surgery was at 10am yesterday) and I am able to drive down 94 without a single problem in my vision. I'm glad that I took this step in my life. The best thing I can recommend for anyone who is even slightly curious, is to go get a consultation. It's free, and it gives you the answers you need. At that point, it's in your hands as to whether you're ready for it or not. LasikPlus has done many wonderful things for me by helping me with this one giant step in my life! Thank you LasikPlus!
Tracy T.   

5I was honestly nervous going into the whole process, but the doctors were great and very honest. The procedure itself was painless, taking a nap for 3-4 hours was a great decision and strongly advise that! After I woke up there was no pain and I was able to see great! I would strongly suggest lasik for anyone thinking about it! Thank You LasikPlus!
Kevin J.   

5I am very pleased with Lasik Plus. I had my first surgery in 2002. I bought full package with lifetime enhancements and glad I did. They completely honored their commitment as I required full enhancement on both eyes 5 years later and then a single eye in 2016. Great staff and service!

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