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LASIK in RiverOaks

3700 Buffalo Speedway
Suite 325
Houston, TX 77098

Stephen Whiteside, M.D.

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Houston Vision Center

Houston, Texas LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

Your Houston, Texas LasikPlus Vision Center Location

3700 Buffalo Speedway
Suite 325
Houston, TX 77098

Google Reviews of our – Houston, Texas TX, LasikPlus Vision Center

Kevin P.   

5This place was the exact same price as Berkeley, but they had me on several selling points: Saturday surgeries (once a month) and interest free payment plan over 12 months, lifetime enhancements are covered, not the mention the cute staff! ;) The staff here was super nice and professional. Some people also post about waiting too long, they tell you exactly what to expect and they adhere to that pretty accurately. The surgery lasted ten minutes and i had 20/15 vision by the very next day. I’d do it again. It was pain free except in the beginning you feel a slight pressure, which wasn’t a big deal. After that, completely pain free, fast and effective. 
Jason M.   

5Dr. January is amazing. He is very confident and his personality makes the whole experience calm and hopeful. His staff is amazing and we had some hilarious moments during the consultation. Now I’m 2 days post-op and everything is clear, detailed and I’m constantly looking at my surroundings for things I didn’t pay attention to or didn’t notice before. I did my research on Dr. January and he is the medical director of The LASIK Vision Institute in Houston, San Antonio and Albuquerque with over 105k refractive (Lasik) surgeries. I would trust him to do my surgery if I ever needed it again and I would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of getting this done. He is the only one! 
Leonard M.   

5I was a little skeptical that they could do and I for $250, but it's true! I had my right eye corrected to 2015 and it was quick and almost perfectly painless. I've had no issues on the day after and I drove without glasses and perfect vision for the first time in my life. I cannot recommend these folks highly enough. The staff is professional kind and courteous. The office is clean as a pin and you would be hard pressed to find a more professional bunch to do your eye. They have my highest recommendation. 

5They have the best service ever. Wonderful people. They explain the whole process with you so you can't get scared but excited. I feel better didn't feel anything during the process. It was easy and simple. 
Samantha C.   

5Everything went great. I had my consultation and then the procedure a week later- so far so great. The cost was the best of all the LASIK centers I checked out. Staff is very nice and helpful. Dr. January was fun, full of energy as well as professional and efficient. My only complaint would be the long wait times at both the consultation and before surgery. 

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