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Chicago LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

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939 W North Ave
Suite 220
Chicago, IL 60642

Google Reviews of our – Chicago IL, LasikPlus Vision Center

Romaytha A.   

5I was so nervous and putting off getting Lasik for years. My doctor recommended them because he knew if I wasn't a good candidate they wouldn't accept me. I came in for my consultation and everyone was so friendly. They answered all my questions. Day off the procedure, they walked me through everything, had videos, and were so supportive. I would definitely recommend them to everyone! It's an amazing feeling waking up and being able to see clearly! 
Victoria M.   

5I actually was cleared for LASIK, began the LASIK procedure, but had a complication they could not foresee in being able to do the procedure. I give five stars because they were very patient with me and my initial devastated reaction and were able to schedule me for PRK procedure within the next seven days. This went smoothly and I felt like the staff was very good to help keep me in positive spirits, and very consoling about the LASIK. The PRK worked out great and I couldn't be happier. I'm already seeing better. Also, there is free hot chocolate. 
LeiLani M.   

5Great experience. The Doctor was fantastic he talked me through all of the steps throughout my surgery. And the staff was just phenomenal super nice and supportive and super informative! 
Tom 3.   

4The staff is great. The process is very "mechanical" and I mean that in a good way. They do one thing and they do it well over and over again. As for the results. I opted for "Mono-Vision" One eye adjusted for distance and one for close up. I'm 30 days out from the procedure and my brain has not adjusted to the concept yet which is very disconcerting. I keep reaching for my glasses because my one eye is out of focus for distance. Middle vision for computer work is so-so. Close up is not good at this point, I need reading glasses. I have a follow up appointment scheduled for 90 days after surgery. Lasik Plus has offered to make an adjustment at no additional cost if I need or want it. I plan to have a more detailed discussion with the Doctor at that point. If I'm relegated to wearing reading glasses any way I may ask for both eyes to be adjusted for distance. In summary, if you plan to have this done I would recommend Lasik Plus on North Avenue. Do lots of research and talk to as many people as you can (not on-line reviews) about what they had done and what the experience has been like before you go ahead. 
Shelton B.   

5I underwent LASIK yesterday and can now see without glasses. The office and staff were very organized, and informative. I was provided with ample education and all my questions addressed. The procedure was not painful and was completed over 13 minutes. I was cleared to work late that evening and went through the shift without any discomfort or complications. I have some redness on my eyes and some haziness, but see improvement over time. I am looking forward to my full recovery. 

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