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David King Aymond, M.D.
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939 W North Ave
Suite 220
Chicago, IL 60642

Google Reviews of our – Chicago IL, LasikPlus Vision Center

Scott G.   

5Is it possible to have my life changed for the better AGAIN?! After my initial LASIK surgery last fall, I felt as if I'd experienced a more contacts or glasses (which I'd been suffering with since 2nd grade, especially with an astigmatism.) And now, after my Enhancement procedure, I can see even better than before! Today, it's 20/20! And it's not just the change in vision that I'm thankful for at's also the staff! They made such a personal procedure a breeze with their being positive, profession, and welcoming attitudes! (Can't wait for my three-week follow-up!) Change YOUR life with LasikPlus! 
Chris P.   

5One day later and my vision is already much better. Treatment was super short, easy, and painless. The doctor had a great personality and kept it super upbeat and stress free. As someone who has anxiety around medical procedures this was really huge. Great staff and results all around. 
Jason H.   

5I first went to a nearby competitor for a consultation 2 years ago. During the consultation I was told I was only eligible for PRK and then given a quote that was nearly a grand more than LasikPlus, while also using lower quality equipment. Everyone was awesome here. My consultation was fast and informative. Eligible for LASIK, etc. I set up my appointment for 2 weeks later. On surgery day (if you want to call it that, it's more of a painless abstract light show), I sat at the front desk and completed my payment, had a quick eye exam, received a Valium, 4 ibuprofen, eye drops, and a cap. I was then brought into the procedure room and given a Nerf type football to hold just in case I needed to stress on something, laid down. The machine was moved over my face, I focused on some lights that seemed to move in and out of focus. Was moved to another machine, focused on more lights. Sat up and was told I'm done. It felt like the entire procedure lasted around 5 minutes. No pain. A bit of light pressure, but painless. Went home. Took Ambien. Went to sleep. Woke up around 3 or 4 hours later with mild discomfort. This lasted about 45 minutes to an hour, then it was gone. At this time I could see better than with my contacts or glasses. I ate something and went right back to sleep. The next day (A Saturday morning) I had my follow up. Short eye exam. Read the 20/20 line. It's Day 3 now, still no pain. Phone alarm set to take drops 4 times a day, and still wearing the goggles another couple days. I must of watched 20 or so LASIK videos on YouTube before doing this, both positive and negative videos. I thought I'd be in pain for a couple weeks or longer, but that hasn't been the case at all. I had a great experience here though, good communication and professional. I should have done this long ago. Cliche, but true. 
Natalie P.   

5Great experience. Super quick, very convenient for my schedule. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. I recommend it to anyone. Recovery process is great too, follow easy to follow instructions and follow-ups. I've been waiting years, should of done it sooner! 
Hedi S.   

5I'm very happy with the results. After my first day I'm already seeing 20/15 and it should probably get even better. The surgery was smooth and only took about 5 minutes and the doctor was really good at talking you through it and making you feel comfortable. Dr. Eymond did a fantastic job. 

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