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Life Starts at 30… With LASIK

Looking back on your 20s, you may find that it was a challenging decade marked by struggles to define and establish yourself both professionally and personally. With all the unknowns to juggle, it is no wonder that many people look to their 30th birthday as a time to kick off a decade focused on what they will be able to accomplish during a more established life stage. In fact, many find 30 to be the best age to research and move forward with LASIK. Many people identify ages 30-39 as an ideal time of life because of the stability that can be enjoyed at work, financially and in their personal lives. It is a time to enjoy renewed self-confidence, and having the LASIK procedure adds to that confidence by enabling you to reduce your dependence on glasses or contacts. If you have been considering LASIK, take this short screening test that will help you determine if you are a candidate for the procedure. With LASIK, many patients achieve 20/20 vision.

Potential Cost SavingsIf you have been dealing with vision issues for decades, you probably accept the fact that you must live with the expense and hassle of eye doctor visits, lenses, frames, contacts and cleaning supplies. If you do the math, you may find that LASIK saves you money in the long term compared to the ongoing need for corrective lenses. In 2013, the average price for laser-based vision correction was $2,135 per eye. A study by LasikPlus found that LASIK saves a typical patient between the ages of 30 and 39 more than $18,480. Also, the iLASIK savings calculator helps determine how cost-effective laser vision correction may be for you.

Healthy EyesYour eyes are also in the best condition to receive LASIK during your 30s. This is because your prescription has likely stabilized, and you are not old enough to need reading glasses, as most people do when they reach their 40s. By moving forward with LASIK at age 30, you are able to enjoy many years of the benefits of LASIK without ever needing to wear glasses. (Unless you choose to wear them as a fashion statement.)

Active LIfestyleExercise is an important part of living a healthy life, and LASIK helps you achieve that goal. After laser vision correction, you can focus on fun ways to enjoy life and stay fit. LASIK also enables you to travel for work or pleasure and participate in a variety of activities, like swimming, skiing, and recreational sports, without the hassle of corrective lenses. Turning 30 is the perfect time to reflect on how much you’ve changed, grown and accomplished. It is also an opportunity to look to the future. With LASIK, you can look forward to many more decades of seeing the world around you with clearer vision and experiencing all that life has to offer. Each person’s eyes are different, and LASIK results vary. Consult with a qualified LASIK doctor to see if the procedure is right for you.