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Who You Will Meet On Your LASIK Surgery Journey

You have decided it’s time for LASIK. After researching and talking to your friends, you decide it’s time for LASIK at LasikPlus.  So who are you going to meet on your journey?

Your journey can begin in three ways, you can start by meeting with a virtual consultant, making a phone call to LasikPlus or finding the most convenient time for yourself online. If you choose to meet with a virtual consultant or call us, you will speak with a LASIK coordinator. The coordinator will ask you some questions about your vision and provide you with the needed information to get you prepared for your exam, as well as answer your questions. The consultant will then schedule your free consultation at the most convenient LasikPlus vision center.

When you arrive at the LasikPlus vision center for your consultation, you will be greeted by one of our ophthalmic technicians.  He or she will walk you through the completion of a few standard medical information forms. If you were able to complete the forms online in advance of your appointment, you will only need to confirm that the information is correct and sign the forms. While in the waiting area, you will watch a short educational video about LASIK and the other procedures we perform. The video covers frequently asked questions. Also, the technician and optometrist will be happy to answer any additional questions or offer more detailed information during your exam.

The technician will then guide you through a series of tests to evaluate the health of your eyes, measure your needed refractive correction based on your prescription and answer your questions. The technician and optometrist will then run tests to examine the inside of your eyes. You may be dilated for further testing. The technician will then review our pricing and financing information. He or she will show you our treatment calendar and go over treatment day instructions with you, such as the need to have a driver for your treatment day. Treatment day information will also be provided to you in a take-home packet to be reviewed at your convenience.

During testing, you will meet the optometrist, a doctor who specializes in eye health. He or she will examine the refractive correction that you will need, examine your eyes, review the results of the testing, discuss which procedure will be right for you, and answer any questions that you may have. The doctor will also finalize your treatment date and provide you with information about the drops that you will need for your treatment date.

On your treatment day, you will arrive at the center with your driver.  You will be greeted by a member of our staff.  If additional testing is required, you may meet with the optometrist again.  You will go through the check in process with an associate who will take your payment for the procedure.  One of the associates will then review the post-operative instructions with you.  Your driver is welcome to be with you at this time as it may be helpful for them to hear the instructions as well.

The surgeon will then come in to meet with you, explain the consent forms and answer any additional questions that you may have before having you sign these forms. He or she will verify the procedure that you are having, review what will happen during the procedure, and have you sign the final consent forms.  You will then be taken into the laser suite for your procedure.  The surgeon will have one or two technicians with him/her in the laser suite.  It is normal to be nervous and our LasikPlus teams will do everything we can to make the procedure as easy as possible for you.  At the end of the procedure, you may be asked to sit for a few minutes in a quiet room where the surgeon will do one last check before an associate walks you out to meet up with your driver.

On the day following your procedure, you will return to the center for a follow up exam.  At the one day exam and at your subsequent follow up exams you will meet with the ophthalmic technicians and the optometrist.  If you should require an exam with the surgeon or a meeting with the Center Director, these visits can be arranged.

All the members of the LasikPlus team hope that you have a fantastic experience and are available to help you any way that we can on your journey from “I want LASIK,” to “I GOT LASIK!”