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See for Yourself… for the First Time


Remember the first time you saw high-definition television (HDTV)? It made the colors brighter and the picture sharper. Your old analog television seemed blurry by comparison.

The improved vision you have after LASIK can be similar to what you experience when watching an HDTV. However, the clarity isn’t a result of your television; it’s your very own eyes that are providing you with better eyesight.

Below are four ways LASIK surgery enables you to see life in greater clarity.

See More Clearly

Sight is truly a gift that allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature around us and enables us to take part in a variety of activities. Seeing the world around you with improved vision means you are able to more fully experience life. Glasses or contacts no longer prevent you from connecting with or experiencing your world. You see facial expressions up close and personal and view paintings just as the artists intended. You can interact with nature — from sunrise hikes to sunset walks on the beach — without first having to find your glasses or put in your contacts.

See the Real You

Your vision may be near perfect after laser vision correction. While this is a tremendous benefit, other advantages of LASIK stem from the improved quality of life and increased confidence that you gain from clearer vision. You are able to enjoy a new freedom by leaving behind the hassle and negative experiences you had because of poor eyesight or prescription eyewear. See yourself as a person who has renewed confidence, and others will see that newfound energy in you as well. Eye makeup is easier to put on because you are able to see what you’re doing without the need for glasses or contacts. Plus, your eyeglass frames won’t obscure or distort your makeup. Instead of wearing glasses because you have to, you can have a wardrobe of fashion frames and accessorize outfits only when you want to.

See Yourself Out and About

LASIK enables you to see your family, friends and significant other with greater clarity. Give those you care about your undivided attention without glasses coming between you. Take and immediately post pictures from a picnic or party without worrying about glare from glasses. A romantic night out at the movie theater becomes a tradition that is no longer limited by the view through your glasses. Checking on your children in the middle of the night becomes easier when you don’t have to fumble for your glasses.

See Yourself as Independent and Active

After a successful LASIK procedure, glasses or contacts no longer come between you and the professional and personal activities you want to do. You have the freedom to live more spontaneously. Take a hike in the rain without having to worry about wiping the drops of rain from your glasses. Take a walk down the beach in non-prescription sunglasses of your choice. Drive without having to worry if your prescription needs to be updated to be able to read the road signs. Pick up your favorite book or magazine at the beach and just start reading without having to hunt for your glasses. Hit the slopes or the pool with friends on a moment’s notice.

Improved vision could be in your future. Consult with a qualified LASIK provider to see if the procedure is right for you.