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New Year’s Resolution: Live Well With Better Vision

Each New Year is an opportunity for fresh beginnings. It’s a time when many people make resolutions to improve their lives.

Better vision can improve quality of life and increase confidence. For patients with imperfect vision, 2014 is the perfect time to consider laser vision correction as a way to reduce their dependence on glasses and contacts.

Benefits of LASIK

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) provides patients the opportunity to improve their vision and their lifestyle. This procedure can correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, resulting in reduced dependence on prescription lenses. With LASIK, many patients experience improved vision almost immediately. All About Vision reports that many candidates who undergo the LASIK procedure achieve 20/20 vision.

Without the hassle of glasses and contacts, it can be easier to live a more active lifestyle by participating in recreational sports that may have been more difficult with corrective lenses, such as skiing or mountain biking. Certain patients can even pursue careers that require perfect vision.

LASIK offers a potentially life-changing experience, and the majority of patients are satisfied with their results. Patients are frequently amazed at how clearly they can see without glasses or contacts after their procedures and find that reduced dependence on prescription eyewear gives them renewed self-confidence. For instance, people who never took up swimming for exercise can dive into the pool after LASIK frees them from the hassle of glasses. A simple outpatient procedure can make the rest of your 2014 resolutions that much easier to complete.

It’s All in the Planning

Resolving to start off the New Year with improved vision can be both easy and affordable. You simply need a plan to make it your reality. With ever-advancing technology, a good first step is to research the different types of LASIK, how they work and the potential benefits and drawbacks of each.

Once you have an understanding of LASIK, look into specific providers in your area. Many doctors offer special rates throughout the holidays and into the New Year. Select two or three providers to meet with in person and discuss your situation. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends a number of questions to ask as you are determining if the procedure is right for you.

After determining candidacy for laser vision correction, there can be a number of available financing options. All About Vision provides a number of resources for affordable ways to pay for LASIK, including tax-free savings through a flexible spending arrangement or making manageable monthly payment options. You may also be able to make payments using a health savings account.

Consult with a qualified ophthalmologist to see if LASIK could be part of your 2014 New Year’s resolution.