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Six Reasons to Wear Your Sunglasses Year-Round

You pack a pair of sunglasses when you’re heading off on a beach vacation or spending the day outdoors, but this may not be enough to protect your eyes from sun damage and ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light is present even on a cloudy day, and it can cause significant damage to the eyes in a very short period of time if you aren’t wearing sunglasses. Wearing your sunglasses every time you go outside can shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and preserve your eye health.

Here are some of the top reasons to wear your sunglasses year-round.

Keep Eyes Moisturized

Excessively dry eyes can cause redness and watering. Some people with dry eyes also find the condition interferes with their vision, and they have to use eyedrops to keep their eyes lubricated. Protect your eyes from drying out by wearing sunglasses and ward off the effects of dry air. You can also protect your eyes with sunglasses during bad weather conditions, such as wind and rain, which can exacerbate dry eyes.

Prevent Sunburn of the Eyes

The delicate skin around the eyes can be prone to sunburn without appropriate sun protection. Applying sunscreen to this area is important, and you can also wear a pair of sunglasses to cover this delicate skin around the eyes. Prevent UV rays from damaging the surface of the eye by wearing standard or prescription sunglasses every time you go out.

Reduce the Risk of Cataracts

Cataracts are often the result of UV ray damage, and your risk of getting cataracts increases with age. When the lens of the eye becomes opaque or cloudy, surgery is usually the only option. Reduce your risk of cataracts by wearing sunglasses that offer complete UV protection.

Ward Off Macular Degeneration

Another eye health problem related to aging and excessive UV exposure is macular degeneration. When excessive deposits build up on the macula (part of the retina), you could be at an increased risk of blindness and may experience some vision impairment. Ward off macular degeneration by protecting your eyes from sun damage with your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Shield Skin From UV Damage

The delicate skin around your eyes may be at risk for developing premature wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and bags, under the eyes without adequate sun protection. In addition to applying sunscreen to these delicate areas every day, you can wear large-rimmed sunglasses that will act as a shield against harmful UV rays. Protecting your skin from UV damage can also reduce the risk of freckles, sun spots and skin cancer.

Reduce the Risk of Pterygium Development

Pterygium is a benign growth on the surface of the eye. These growths occur after excessive exposure to the sun, sand and wind. Some growths can interfere with vision and will need to be surgically removed. You can prevent pterygium development by wearing sunglasses and limiting sun exposure.

Solar radiation and UV rays can cause serious vision problems at any stage of life, and they may increase your risk of certain types of disease and eye health problems. Talk to your eye doctor about prescription sunglasses or for more tips to take better care of your eyes.