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What Are the Most Frequently Asked Questions About LASIK?

LASIK surgeons answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from our patients.

What are the red spots on the white of the eye after LASIK?

Dr. Sally Thompson of LasikPlus Salt Lake City explains what the red spots on the white part of the eye following LASIK are.

“Hi, I am Dr. Sally Thompson, the surgeon at LasikPlus in Salt Lake City. I get asked a lot – ‘what are the red spots on the white parts of my eyes after I’ve had LASIK?’

They are simply bruises; little-broken blood vessels and they don’t hurt.

What causes them is we hold your eye nice and still with a suction ring while we are doing the first part of LASIK, which is using the IntraLase in order to create the LASIK flap.

Don’t worry! They go away in about three weeks.”


How long after LASIK do I need to wait before I go tanning?

LASIK surgeon Dr. Vincent  Marino shares how long after LASIK one should wait to return to the tanning bed.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Marino. Many people often ask me when I can use tanning beds after surgery.
While there are no definitive studies, we do know that UV light can cause damage to the cornea, retina, and lens of the eye. So, what is somebody to do when they are going to have LASIK?
We recommend for the first two weeks, the basic recovery time after LASIK, that you wear UV protection sunglasses at all times when you are outside. Whether you live in sunny Florida, snowy Alaska, or busy New York City.
So what about tanning beds?
We recommend that you hold off for two weeks after that go back to the tanning beds. You can use those little protective goggles – those little tiny goggles – on your eyes. It’s a good idea whether you’ve had LASIK or not. Be safe with your eyes. You want to be able to see those gorgeous tans for many years to come.
We’ll see you soon – Bye.”

How long do I have to be off work after LASIK?

LASIK surgeon, Dr. Dean Ellis answers our most commonly asked question – “How long do I need to be off work?” The answer may surprise you!

“Hi, I’m Dr.Dean Ellis. Many patients wonder how soon they can get back to work after they have had Laser Vision correction surgery done.
The great news is, after LASIK surgery, you really can go back to work the next day if you would like. For the vast majority of patients, their vision is doing very, very well. The eyes are comfortable by the next day, so there really is no problem going back to work that soon for patients who choose to do that.
With PRK surgery, the recovery is usually a little bit longer. There are some patients who potentially could even go back to work the next day with PRK, but there are other patients where it might be several days before they feel comfortable getting back to work. That does vary from patient to patient.
But, either way, you shouldn’t have any concern about getting back to work quickly after you’ve had your Laser Vision Correction Procedure done.”