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How Wearing Halloween Contacts For Too Long Can Damage Your Vision | LasikPlus

Halloween contact lenses are a trend that is very popular around this time of year. One type of Halloween contact lens is called a “halloween color,” with a predetermined pigment. These contacts can affect your eyes more than other normal contacts because there isn’t any air flow over them. This can cause eye infections, irritation, and redness around the eyes, so it’s important not to wear these kind of contact lenses for an extended period of time.


Can Halloween Contacts Lenses Damage Your Vision?

As with any cosmetic item, there is always a chance that these lenses may irritate your eyes. When you wear these contacts, the pigment in them will not mix with the air and the chemicals used to make them can cause an infection in the eye.  Some of these chemicals include but are not limited to formaldehyde, lead, and others. If you get an infection, it is best to remove that contact lens instead of putting it back into your eye. It is best to consult with your eye doctor right away if you do get an infection so that they can treat it instead of letting it spread further to your eyes.

How Long “Should” You Wear Halloween Contacts Lenses?

It’s a good idea to take out the contacts after 6 hours because they can irritate your eyes. This also ensures that you won’t overuse these lenses and cause damage to your eyes. Make sure to clean your lenses with the proper solution before and after each use.

What are the risks of Wearing Halloween Costume Contacts?

Below are some of the risks you may experience when wearing decorative Halloween contacts.

1. Eye irritation

Your eyes could become irritated when you wear these Halloween contacts; if they do, it is best to take out that contact lens. This could cause redness around your eyes, squinting, and blinking, which can be uncomfortable for you. Your eye doctor can tell you more about the potential risks if this does happen to your eyes.

2. Infection

You can experience an infection when you wear these types of decorative Halloween contacts because of the different chemicals used to make them. There is a possibility that the chemicals from the lenses could enter your eyes which means you could get a stye or infection.

3. Allergic reactions

Some people experience allergic reactions to these Halloween contacts when they use them, especially if they have sensitive skin or an overall allergy to contact lenses. If you start to feel redness, itching, and burning, it is best to take out your contact lens immediately before it worsens.

4. Cataracts

Cataracts are caused when the lens of your eye becomes clouded, which can happen before you age. This is one of the main risks of wearing Halloween contacts because they could cause this to happen to your eye, leading to permanent damage. This is something that you should always watch out for with Halloween contacts.

5. Wrinkles

Worn-out and faded Halloween contacts can cause wrinkling around your eyes and make them look older than they are. If you don’t want these lenses to do this, it is best to take them out at night after they have been on your eyes for 6 hours or less. This will help keep the lenses from causing any wrinkles to your eyesight.

6. Open wounds around your eye

If you wear these contacts for too long, you could get an open cut or wound around your eye, which can be painful and can cause permanent damage. This might happen if you mishandle them or if you use the incorrect solution for cleaning them.


When you wear Halloween contacts, it’s not recommended for you to wear them for a long period of time to avoid exposure to the chemicals on the decorative Halloween contacts. Make sure you take care of your eyes when wearing them, and “listen” to what they’re telling you. There might be some times when your eyes give you signals that something may be wrong, and it is best to take the Halloween lenses out right away.

To avoid experiencing vision complications, there are many ways that you can naturally boost the health of your eyes. Combining a diet rich in natural foods with annual eye exams can help prevent a myriad of vision complications. In addition to eating well to naturally improve your vision. If you are interested in getting rid of your contacts once and for all, schedule your free consultation with us today.