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See Clearly Without Glasses or Contacts*

When considering the cost of contacts and glasses over time, you may be surprised by what you end up spending. While the cost of contacts and glasses vary by person depending on the type of lenses needed, a contact lens wearer will conservatively spend $350 per year on contacts and solution alone. And glasses cost another $200 per year. So when you compare the costs of vision correction options, you may find that LASIK is the more affordable option in the long run.And what about the non-monetary benefits of LASIK, such as wearing non-prescription sunglasses, not suffering from contact lens eye fatigue and dryness, or even just waking up and being able to see the alarm clock? Whether you are nearsightedfarsighted, or even have astigmatism or presbyopia, LasikPlus offers procedures that can effectively get you to 20/20 vision*. Schedule your free LASIK consultation today to learn more about life after LASIK at LasikPlus.

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Summer Savings: Save $1,000 * On LASIK - Limited Time Offer

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