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Five Ways LASIK Can Improve Your Mood


LASIK can be a viable option for patients who want to improve their vision. The surgery also offers a number of intangible benefits. Below are four ways the procedure can improve quality of life and increase confidence.

1: “I feel more free and confident.”

LASIK helps boost self-confidence. Many patients report that their poor vision causes them to feel inadequate or self-conscious in active, social situations. LASIK lessens insecurities, as it reduces or even eliminates dependence on corrective lenses for everyday activities. After laser vision correction, your eyesight may be greatly improved, and better vision enhances your effectiveness both professionally and personally. Through the freedom that comes with living and enjoying life more spontaneously, LASIK will enable you to take part in activities that may not have been possible when you were completely reliant on glasses or contacts.

2: “I’m not as dependent on contact lenses and prescription glasses.”

LASIK reduces your dependence on corrective lenses and enables you to see the world more clearly. You won’t have to rely on prescription eyewear when accomplishing everyday tasks. For example, you will be able to read road signs when driving, and you’ll be able to see the numbers on the alarm clock each morning without fumbling for your glasses.

3: “I’m safer at play.”

Laser vision correction can help you stay safe during recreation activities. By reducing dependency on glasses or contacts, which can sometimes be unreliable aids, you’ll have increased confidence in your ability to always see the world. It will be easier to live a more active lifestyle and participate in sports that may have been more difficult with corrective lenses, such as skiing or mountain biking.

While you will definitely want to wear the required eye protection as outlined by the sport’s governing body or the American Society for Testing and Materials, you’ll no longer have to worry about losing your glasses in the ocean or breaking them while playing basketball.

4: “I can excel at my job.”

Whether it’s looking at tiny print, reading a computer screen all day or being responsible for the safety of others, the ability to see well on the job is important and can be beneficial when it comes to excelling in your chosen career path. After LASIK eye surgery, some patients may also find it easier to pursue jobs that require perfect vision, such as a pilot, firefighter, police officer, prison official, paramedic and lifeguard.

5: “People see the real me.”

After LASIK, there’s nothing between you and the people with whom you want to connect. Many patients report that they experience an emotional benefit by being able to showcase their true identity and leave behind any negative experiences that were associated with poor eyesight. You can choose to wear glasses whenever you want, and you won’t be restricted to specific styles or special lenses.

Many LASIK patients call their treatment life-changing, and the above are just some of the reasons why.  Of course, each patient’s eyes are different, and LASIK outcomes vary. Be sure to consult with an experienced ophthalmologist to see if you can benefit from laser vision correction.