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How LASIK Can Save You Time & Money

Some people hesitate to have the LASIK procedure done because of the cost; however, a closer look at the benefits of LASIK reveals that having the procedure could save you money over time. LASIK costs approximately $2,000 to $4,500 for both eyes. When you compare the costs (not to mention the hassles) associated with wearing glasses or contacts, you may be surprised to find that LASIK is a good investment. Below are a few examples of how LASIK can help you save.

No More Vision Correction Costs

Prescription eyewear costs accumulate quickly. Disposable contacts can cost anywhere from $30 to $70 per box, depending on the brand. Prescription glasses cost an average of $212 a pair, but you can count on that figure being higher when you start to consider designer frames and other add-ons. Prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, contact lenses, accessories, doctor visits and other fees could total up to four figures in just a few years. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Americans spend $15 billion per year on eye wear.

Depending on your health or vision insurance, your eyewear needs may be only partially covered or not covered at all. LASIK patients no longer need to worry about ordering and paying for expensive contacts, working with insurance limits on eyewear, or replacing glasses.

The time you can save after having LASIK is just a precious as the money. Although seemingly trivial, the average ten minutes per day people spend on their contacts add up. And while it only takes seconds to put on and take off glasses, minutes spent blindly searching for misplaced glasses or squinting to try and fix broken glasses can seem eternal. All these random moments could be spent on much more productive (or fun) activities.

Health Savings Account Benefits

When you set aside money for LASIK in a health savings account (HSA), you may end up saving as much as 30 percent on the total procedure cost compared to someone paying out of pocket or with credit. Many LASIK centers accept HSA dollars as a form of payment, so you can enjoy a big tax benefit by planning ahead. Remember that some employers offer HSA contribution matches, which could also help to offset the cost of your procedure. The long-term benefits of LASIK also come into play here. Once you pay for the procedure, your vision-related expenses are greatly reduced or even eliminated. You can use HSA dollars that previously went toward glasses and contacts for other medical expenses.

It’s important to be familiar with the rules of your particular HSA before scheduling your LASIK procedure.  You can also talk to your company’s human resources representative for specific information. 

Vision Plan Discounts

Many LASIK centers accept vision plans, which can provide you with even more discounts on the cost of laser vision correction. When you combine these discounts with an HSA, you’ll end up paying a fraction of the cost of the expenses associated with contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses.

Each vision plan offers different benefits, and each LASIK provider has guidelines for combining discounts, so do your homework before finalizing your plans.

A simple cost analysis will help you determine if and how LASIK is a better investment for your vision correction needs.