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The Convenience of All-Inclusive Pricing On Laser Eye Surgery

How valuable is perfect vision? What’s it worth to have a qualified and experienced surgeon handle your eye treatment? Many may answer “priceless.” However, the cost of LASIK laser eye surgery is an obvious consideration before deciding to move forward with the procedure. Keep the following  and Familiarize Yourself with The Average Cost Of LASIK

LASIK costs vary depending upon the technology and the procedure, but the average price for laser-based vision correction in 2021 was $2,246 per eye.

The Eye Surgery Education Council provides a range between $1,000 and $2,500 per eye for conventional LASIK, with prices increasing up to $3,000 per eye for customized, Wavefront LASIK.

All-Inclusive Pricing On LASIK

When researching costs, ensure that the fee quoted is all-inclusive, meaning the procedure, plus preoperative and postoperative services are covered. This ensures there are no surprises and you receive the best possible care. Pricing with limitations or exceptions can put you at risk and result in additional fees.

Peace of Mind Regarding The Cost of LASIK

With all-inclusive pricing, enjoy knowing that all needs are covered. Costs should typically include office visits both before and after the procedure, and for a specified amount of time after, and premium providers will often offer a lifetime of coverage should a re-treatment be needed. Here are some other coverage options to consider when researching all-inclusive pricing:

  • Anesthesia (numbing eyedrops) during the procedure and some prescriptions needed before and after the procedure
  • Facility and staff fees
  • Disposable items used for the procedure, like surgical gowns and gloves
  • Re-treatments, to ensure coverage if an enhancement is needed following the initial treatment
  • Laser use fees. In some cases, a modest fee is added simply to use the laser.

With all-inclusive pricing for LASIK eye procedures, there are no hidden or surprise costs before, during or after the procedure. You can also enjoy the comfort that comes with having a team of professionals dedicated to providing quality service and are committed to you throughout the entire process. As you consult with a qualified LASIK provider, find out how all-inclusive pricing may benefit you.