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Myopia & My Life: Before & After LASIK

People with myopia have difficulty seeing objects at a distance. Prior to having LASIK, that is how I saw the world around me. My nearsightedness limited almost everything I did.

Yes, even doctors who perform LASIK sometimes choose to get laser vision correction themselves. This is my experience of life before and after I underwent the surgery.

Life Before LASIK

My vision wasn’t horrible, but it was bad enough that I needed to wear glasses to see anything that was more than a few feet away from me. My dry eyes wouldn’t allow me to wear contacts, plus I didn’t like the idea of poking a piece of plastic on my eyes.

I lead a very active lifestyle, and I hate wearing glasses, so many times I just wouldn’t put them on.  And I never cared for the limited selection of prescription sunglasses. This meant that when I was playing tennis or sand volleyball, I couldn’t see the ball clearly and had to guess where to hit it. If I was playing at dusk, I would need to switch from prescription sunglasses to glasses to continue playing.

When traveling on vacation, my nearsightedness limited the fun activities I wanted to try. If I went swimming in the ocean, I was afraid that saltwater would splash in my eyes and cause an infection. I didn’t want to scuba dive, because I couldn’t see any of the colorful fish clearly. I was afraid to snow ski, because I didn’t see the moguls very well. I even tried to wear glasses under my goggles, but that didn’t work. And when I tried contacts under the ski goggles, they would dry out.

Movies and television were always fuzzy, and I couldn’t recognize a face across the room. When I put on my glasses, they would leave marks on my nose and make my male-pattern baldness look worse. Maybe I just saw my forehead more clearly.

Life After LASIK

With the help of LASIK, I’ve shed my myopic view of the world, and it’s wonderful. I had monovision LASIK, so I can see distance and near objects clearly. I think my improved vision has made my personality more outgoing, and I’m no longer jealous of my friends who don’t need glasses.

On a recent trip to Hawaii, I took a helicopter ride over a volcano and marveled at how well I could see everything. Then I went boogie boarding in the ocean with my cool new sunglasses and didn’t have to worry about getting sand or saltwater in my eyes.

This is my personal LASIK story. It’s important to remember that each person’s eyes are different, and LASIK results may vary. Consult a qualified ophthalmologist to see if laser vision correction can help improve your vision.