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What Factors Determine the Price of LASIK?

Your journey toward improved vision may start with one simple question: How much does it cost?

The growth of LASIK surgery speaks to a vital marketplace and growing consumer community. Laser vision correction has become an affordable option for many people, with different providers falling into low-end, middle-end and high-end categories.

As more surgeons learn the skills necessary to perform LASIK, and the equipment becomes more readily available, the procedure becomes a viable option for a greater number of people. Still, there’s due diligence for consumers to perform when choosing a LASIK surgeon and facility. Whatever your budget, it’s quality that ensures better safety and results.

Perhaps, before thinking about LASIK, it’s worth considering some typical consumer habits. For example, some people shop at Wal-Mart for certain household essentials but still go to Nordstrom for shoes. The point is that you make choices for reasons important and personal; priorities between savings and luxury often change.

We’ve provided clear, convenient standards to help you find the best fit in surgeon and center. In addition to professional advice from the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, here are some factors worth considering.

LASIK Pricing Factors

1) Amount of patient refractive error

2) Technology used by surgeon

3) Experience of surgeon

4) Technique used by surgeon

5) Location of facility

6) Reputation of provider

7) Continuity of patient care

8) Co-management and overall patient experience

9) Patient referrals vs. doctor referrals

10) Size of facility team including surgeons, front desk staff and technicians

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell the categories of LASIK providers apart. Maybe a benefit for visiting a premier practice is its attractive lobby. You’ll also experience a surgical staff with advanced training and probably a number of awards. Chances are, the high-end provider is one of the pioneers in the LASIK field and offers its patients the latest technology. Others practices pursue the “value” model and use low prices to increase the volume of patients walking through their doors. No matter your decision, make an informed choice.

Best Questions to Ask Regarding LASIK Pricing

Below are suggested questions to ask during your initial LASIK consultation. Whether you’ve decided to investigate low-, medium- or high-price LASIK providers, the answers provided to you during your office visit should make you more comfortable with your ultimate decision.

  • Are there different rates for different surgeons in the practice?
  • Are financing services available?
  • What type of laser will be used for the surgery?
  • Is bladeless technology available?

Consider the knowledge of the surgeon and her staff when it comes to the LASIK industry, advancements in LASIK technology and, most importantly, the procedure and postop care. In the end, your decision may come down to more than just the lowest price.