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Our Co-Management Program


Advanced Technology


A Lucrative Way to Earn


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At LasikPlus, we use 100-percent bladeless technology. We utilize multiple laser platforms and state-of-the-art technology to offer a customized treatment plan for each of your patient’s unique vision needs. We care about your patient’s safety and comfort, which is why we use LASIK-specific testing to determine candidacy for the procedure. It’s also why we continually invest in advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment, to ensure your patients receive the best outcomes and experience possible.


Lucrative Way To Earn
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Advanced Technology


We are a second-generation family-owned company that focuses exclusively on providing high-quality and affordable laser vision correction. Since we were founded in 1996, our amazing surgeons have performed over 1,600,000 procedures nationwide.

Our Co-Management Program

The LasikPlus Co-Management program is a great way to earn up to $1,200 per patient by partnering with on the nation’s most experienced LASIK teams.

Whether you’re one of our over 1,000 current LasikPlus co-managing doctors, or you have never considered co-managing LASIK with LasikPlus, there has never been a better time to earn BIG. This is also an excellent way for your patients to experience 20/20 or better vision* and continue their lifetime eye care with you, their trusted eyecare professional.

To get more information about our Co-Management program, or join the program, please call 1-866-784-3030 or email: lasikpluscomanagement@lasikplus.com



LasikPlus® doctors have mastered the art of LASIK and many directly participated in the development of advanced lasers, techniques, and procedures. The highly-Rated physicians specialize in laser refractive surgery and have performed more than 2 million procedures, our skilled surgeons are the LASIK experts. While it’s natural to be nervous when thinking about LASIK, at LasikPlus, you can relax knowing you are in the hands of the nation’s top talent.