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Why The Military Has Interest In LASIK | LasikPlus

LASIK & Military Service: Clear Vision For Combat Readiness & Why The Military Has Interest In LASIK

The United States military has long been at the forefront of innovation in healthcare, and vision correction is no exception. Over the years, the military has explored various methods to enhance the vision of its service members and equip them with improved combat readiness. One such technique that has been tested is LASIK, and interestingly enough, several of our LASIK surgeons are either active duty or veteran service members.

Can You Have LASIK Eye Surgery and Be Enlisted In The Military?

The answer to whether you can have LASIK and still be in the military is yes, you can. In fact, the military encourages its personnel to consider LASIK surgery as a way to improve their vision and eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. However, there are certain requirements that must be met, and the individual’s eligibility for LASIK surgery will depend on several factors, such as the specific branch of the military they are in, their current position, and their overall health and medical history.

Why Is The Military Interested In LASIK?

LASIK has gained popularity in the military due to its ability to improve service members’ vision, which is crucial in combat readiness. It can also eliminate the need for glasses or contacts, which can be inconvenient for physically active individuals. Moreover, you may be wondering why the military is suddenly so interested in the procedure. Well, there are several reasons:

  1. LASIK can nearly perfect the vision of service members, which is critical in combat scenarios. Clear vision can mean the difference between life and death in a high-pressure situation.
  2. LASIK can reduce or completely eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses, which can be a hindrance for military service members or anyone who is regularly physically active. Glasses can be easily damaged or lost, and contacts can be uncomfortable or difficult to manage in harsh environments or when you’re always on the go.
  3. LASIK can save the military money in the long run. The cost of providing glasses and contacts to service members can quickly add up, and LASIK can provide a more cost-effective solution over time.

How Does An Active Duty Member Apply For LASIK Eye Surgery?

The military’s vision standards were once a major hurdle for those who wanted to serve in programs that required near-perfect vision. “LASIK and even PRK eye surgeries, have enabled many individuals to join and qualify for specialized careers such as aviation, Special Forces and other “tip of the spear” professions, said Army Maj. (Dr.) Paul Houghtaling, eye physician and surgeon. “It has been a new paradigm for our military members,” he added. Military members interested in LASIK or PRK should begin their LASIK journey by:

  1. Obtaining permission from their commander to undergo the procedure and ensure that they meet medical and time on active duty requirements.
  2. Scheduling an eye exam at a vision center nearby to find out if they qualify for LASIK.
  3. Following-up with appointments to monitor healing and ensure the best possible outcome.

Service members who have undergone LASIK have reported improved vision and increased task performance. In fact, the military has found that LASIK has a higher success rate than other forms of vision correction.

If you’re a service member and you’re interested in LASIK, it’s important to speak with one of our doctors to determine whether you’re a good candidate. There are certain factors that can affect your eligibility, such as your overall health and vision prescription, but for many service members, LASIK has provide a way to improve their vision and enhance their combat readiness as well as improve overall quality of life when off-duty.

LASIK is a promising solution for improving the vision of service members in the military. By reducing the need for glasses and contact lenses and improving overall vision, LASIK can help service members perform their duties more effectively and safely. If you’re a service member and you’re considering LASIK, schedule a free virtual or in-person consultation with one of our eye care professionals.