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LASIK: Ditch the Contacts Not the Convenience

Do You Need to Remove Contacts Before LASIK?

LASIK surgery use to require weeks, even months, off contact lenses. But thanks to recent research, most soft contact lens wearers can now ditch them for a much shorter time!

The good news:

If you wear soft lenses and your prescription is stable, you might only need to stop wearing them 1 day or less before your LASIK consultation or procedure.

This is thanks to advancements in technology and new research, as shown in a study published in the European Journal of Ophthalmology.

Hold on, there are some details:

1. This shorter wait time applies only to soft contact lenses, not rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. RGP wearers typically need a longer break, determined by your doctor.

2. Toric soft lenses (for astigmatism) can still affect your cornea, so consult your doctor about their pre-surgery discontinuation period.

Benefits of a shorter wait time:

Less disruption: Keep your daily routine on track.

Reduced reliance on glasses: Enjoy clearer vision without switching between lenses.

Faster LASIK access: Experience the freedom of clearer vision sooner.

Remember: Each case is unique. Consult your doctor to determine the safest and most suitable pre-LASIK contact lens discontinuation period for you.

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