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Addressing the Common Question: “Does LASIK Hurt?”

Raise your hand if you like to be in pain. No one? Anyone? Yeah, we didn’t think so… 

If you’ve been avoiding LASIK eye surgery, chances are it’s because you are one of the millions of people plagued by the common question, “Does LASIK hurt?”

It’s normal- as with any surgery- to have a slight fear of the unknown. However, if you arm yourself with information and know exactly what to expect before, during, and after your LASIK procedure, you will actually be confident and excited on the day of your appointment.

Our goal here at LasikPlus is to make your life easier and less stressful, not more worrisome! So today, we’re debunking your LASIK fears, and answering one of the most common questions about LASIK: does it hurt?

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So, What is LASIK Surgery and… Does it Hurt?

Before we dive in, we’ll go ahead and give you the short answer: no. 

With our talented surgeons and short procedure times (we’re talking around 15 minutes here) you’re going to walk in and out of our office pain-free, and with better vision too! Depending on the type of LASIK procedure you choose, your surgery will take between 3 and 15 minutes per eye.

LASIK is the most popular elective procedure in the U.S. and has been performed around 20 million times since 1995- that’s a lot of experience under our belts. LASIK surgery is the best option if you are experiencing nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism or presbyopia (farsightedness due to aging). With LASIK surgery, you can reduce- sometimes even completely eliminate- your need for glasses and contacts. How does the idea of no more contacts sound? 

If you find yourself worried about pain during your LASIK surgery, it would be a good idea to do your own research and learn exactly what you can expect out of each step in the process.

It is also important to remember that your friendly LASIK eye surgeon will be there to answer any of your questions and make your experience as comfortable as possible- before, during and after your procedure. 

To explain just how painless our LASIK surgery is, let’s break it down for you: 

  • The day before your LASIK surgery, your LasikPlus specialist will probably recommend that you temporarily stop wearing eye makeup. This helps reduce the risk of infection, inflammation, or irritation, mitigating the risk of experiencing pain after the procedure.
  • While you’re getting prepped for your appointment, your surgeon will place a few drops of numbing agent in your eye- which feels no different than your basic, run-of-the-mill eye drops. This solution contains a local anesthetic which will last for the entire duration of your pain-free LASIK surgery.  
  • During your procedure, your highly trained LASIK surgeon will use little pulses of light (instead of a blade!) to gently reshape your cornea, correcting any refractive vision issues. In the past, this delicate little cornea flap was cut using a hand tool (*gasp*). But thanks to the rapid advancement in technology, our bladeless LASIK is minimally invasive, and designed to be quick and pain-free! 

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What Does LASIK Feel Like?

The most you will feel during your LASIK procedure is a tiny bit of mild pressure. At no point during the LASIK procedure should you feel anything more than a little discomfort.

Several hours after your procedure, it’s possible that you may experience a little itching or dryness in your eyes. This shouldn’t alarm you, though! Your doctor will prescribe eye drops to treat this common post-op discomfort. You can also use over the counter eye drops to lubricate your eyes after LASIK. 

In the very rare instance that your post-op LASIK does hurt, and you are experiencing pain following your procedure, please contact your doctor immediately.

“I had the best experience at LasikPlus! From the moment you walk in everyone is so kind and welcoming. I had my procedure yesterday and today I have no discomfort and I’m seeing 20/20! My only regret is waiting so long to make an appointment!” 

★★★★★ – Alesha Hatton, Cincinnati OH 

What Does LASIK Recovery Look Like? 

Recovery times vary from patient to patient, but the down-time from LASIK is usually minor. You may experience itching, burning, and a small amount of soreness immediately following surgery, which typically only lasts for a day or two. 

It may take around 24-48 hours for you to see completely clearly after the surgery, but you’ll regain your vision almost immediately after the surgery is complete.

You’ll be up and at ‘em in no time, so use this short recovery period to catch up on your favorite podcasts and treat yourself by having dinner delivered straight to your door!

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LASIK is Pain-Free and Fast; Why Wait?

Worried that LASIK eye surgery will be painful? Don’t be.

While it’s natural to be a little cautious about an operation (especially one you’re not familiar with), you can rest assured that LASIK surgery does not hurt. Like we mentioned above, our bladeless LASIK here at LasikPlus is designed for your ultimate comfort and ease. 

When you come into one of our 50+ locations for your free consultation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how fast, simple, and painless LASIK surgery is.  

If you’re interested in joining the ranks of people who are seeing clearly without glasses or contact, call us today to learn more, or click here to set up your free consultation with one of our experienced and friendly staff!