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General Eye Health

Protecting your eyes is important year-round, but maintaining eye health in cold weather requires special considerations, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. Fortunately, eye care in cooler...

Author: Michael Murphy

General Eye Health

While it might seem obvious, it bears repeating. Protecting your eyes from elements that can cause injuries, such as particles and sunlight, is extremely important. Consider that...

Author: LasikPlus

General Eye Health

After undergoing LASIK, many patients develop a sense of invincibility regarding their eyes. They’re no longer completely dependent on glasses or contacts, and they want to enjoy...

Author: LasikPlus

General Eye Health

It’s easy to take your eyes for granted. Unless you have a pre-existing condition, you might not pay attention to your eye health until you have problems....

Author: Thomas Kozlowski

General Eye Health

Your eyes allow you to visualize everything around you, and vision issues can affect all aspects of your life. Most people work to maintain a powerful heart,...

Author: Andrea Cmejla

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Life After Laser Eye Surgery

Many patients no longer need their eyeglasses after having the LASIK procedure. If you fall into this category, consider donating your old glasses. Several charitable organizations around...

Author: LasikPlus

Vision Correction Procedures

More than 11 million Americans have vision problems due to refractive errors. Fortunately, the majority of these issues can be addressed with prescription eyewear or laser vision...

Author: Dr. Vincent Marino, D.O.

General Eye Health

You pack a pair of sunglasses when you’re heading off on a beach vacation or spending the day outdoors, but this may not be enough to protect...

Author: Vanessa Orta

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