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How long do I have to be off work after LASIK?

LasikPlus Rockville surgeon, Dr. Jay Lustbader answers our most commonly asked question – “How long do I need to be off work?” The answer may surprise you!

“Hi, I’m Dr. Jay Lustbader. I am the surgeon at the LasikPlus Vision Center in Rockville, Maryland.Many patients wonder how soon they can get back to work after they have had Laser Vision correction surgery done.The great news is, after LASIK surgery, you really can go back to work the next day if you would like. For the vast majority of patients, their vision is doing very, very well. The eyes are comfortable by the next day, so there really is no problem going back to work that soon for patients who choose to do that.With PRK surgery, the recovery is usually a little bit longer. There are some patients who potentially could even go back to work the next day with PRK, but there are other patients where it might be several days before they feel comfortable getting back to work. That does vary from patient to patient.But, either way, you shouldn’t have any concern about getting back to work quickly after you’ve had your Laser Vision Correction Procedure done.”