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How is LASIK eye surgery performed?

Before the procedure begins, anaesthetic numbing drops are applied to your eyes. Once your eyes are completely numbed, your LASIK surgeon will use a laser to create a thin corneal flap, which is typically less than the thickness of one human hair. Your surgeon gently folds the flap back to expose the cornea. A computer-controlled laser then emits cool pulses of light to reshape the cornea to your individual vision correction needs. Lasers are used during vision correction procedures as they are incredibly precise in the permanent removal of microscopic cells of tissue that are causing the patient’s vision problem. The flap is then laid back over the cornea and begins to heal immediately. Our 100% bladeless procedure, from start or finish, takes less than 15-minutes for both eyes, offers minimal discomfort, and fast recovery. In fact, most patients return to work or normal activities within less than 24 hours. Patients notice an immediate improvement in their vision, which improves as the eye continues to heal.