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Are there different types of LASIK eye surgery?

(Bladed vs. Bladeless LASIK)

While LASIK is one form or technique of laser vision correction, there are differences in the way the epithelial flap can be created during the LASIK procedure. “Standard LASIK” involves the use of a bladed microkeratome to create the flap. “Bladeless LASIK”, also referred to as iLASIK™, IntraLASIK™, or all-laser LASIK uses cool pulses of light emitted by a femtosecond laser to create the flap instead of the bladed microkeratome. LasikPlus uses 100% bladeless LASIK for the flap creation. At LasikPlus, we have opted to perform 100% bladeless LASIK eye surgery as it allows the surgeon more flexibility to plan and execute an individualized and customized procedure for each patient.

Bladeless LASIK is different from PRK. PRK is a type of corneal preparation where the cornea is exposed for treatment by the epithelial cells being gently removed from the front of the eye. While a blade isn’t used, it is different from what is known as bladeless LASIK. You can read more about PRK here.