Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

In the past two decades, LASIK technique has seen remarkable developments Safety. Precision. Customization. Affordability. Sound like good things? They are. And they also characterize today’s LASIK...

Author: LasikPlus


Is LASIK just for the young? Not necessarily. Each prospective patient has a unique set of circumstances that must be evaluated before determining whether laser vision correction...

Author: Ronald Allen, M.D.


Many prospective LASIK patients believe all procedures are identical and performed by equally-qualified doctors. The truth is, a broad range of LASIK procedures are performed by doctors...

Author: Michael Moore

General Eye Health

The aging process can take its toll on the health of your eyes, and lifestyle choices can bring on or compound these problems. As we age, we...

Author: Bruce Neil, O.D.

Vision Correction Procedures

More than 11 million Americans have vision problems due to refractive errors. Fortunately, the majority of these issues can be addressed with prescription eyewear or laser vision...

Author: Dr. Vincent Marino, D.O.

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Vision Correction Procedures

When first considering LASIK, you might wonder if you’re even a candidate for the procedure. Perhaps you worry that your vision is so poor laser vision correction...

Author: Jeremy Smith

Vision Correction Procedures

You researched LASIK. You talked to friends who had the procedure. You went to the initial consultation. You daydreamed about how easy life would be without glasses...

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