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What are contribution limits to FSA or HSA and will it cover the cost of LASIK?

For Flexible Spending Accounts, the federal limits are currently set at $2,550 a year for an individual. LASIK costs vary depending upon your prescription, the laser and treatment package recommended to correct your unique vision correction needs. For Health Spending Accounts, the 2016 annual contribution limit for individuals with self-only high-deductible health plan coverage is $3,350 and the limit for individuals with family high-deductible health plan coverage is $6,750. In general, at LasikPlus, LASIK costs range from $250 per eye to $2,000 per eye, with most patients in the $1,600 – $1,800 per eye range. You can apply your entire FSA or HSA contribution, and should there be any remaining balance due, you can use a credit card or use an approved financing plan to cover that balance.