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LASIK Eye Surgery

Why LASIK is better at LasikPlus

Whether you suffer from nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness(hyperopia) or even astigmatism, LasikPlus surgeons can transform your vision. Their extensive training and experience allows them to quickly correct your vision exclusively using  100-percent bladeless laser technology.

Walk through the experience step by step to understand how the LasikPlus LASIK eye surgery experience starts with a simple FREE consultation and ends with you seeing 20/20* again.

Who Is A Candidate for LASIK?

Advances in laser vision correction mean more and more people are excellent candidates for the procedure. Generally, you are a good candidate if:

• You are at least 18 years of age

• You are in good general health

• You have had a stable vision prescription for at least one year

• You are not currently pregnant or nursing

Schedule a free consultation today to meet with our experienced clinical team and receive a comprehensive eye examination to determine candidacy.

Click here to watch a video of our past patient, George, sharing his LasikPlus experience. 

LASIK Commonly Addresses

Get Rid of Reading Glasses

You may have heard of monovision as a way to correct the vision impairment caused by aging known as presbyopia. Presbyopia occurs as the lens of the eye loses elasticity, making it hard to focus on objects that are up close and resulting in a need for reading glasses, bifocals or contacts. Monovision compensates for presbyopia by correcting the eyes separately — one for distance and one for viewing objects up-close.

Most patients adjust quickly to this treatment, thus eliminating their need for glasses or contacts. 

Bladeless LASIK

Bladeless LASIK, also referred to as iLASIK™, IntraLASIK™, and all-laser LASIK,is a laser eye surgery involving the use of cool pulses of light to prepare the cornea for surgery. Immediately following corneal preparation, your cornea will be reshaped using a cool ultra-violet laser to evaporate a small amount of corneal tissue — less than the thickness of a human hair.

Your eyes will be completely numbed with anesthetic drops, so you will experience minimal to no discomfort. Because this method allows the surgeon to tailor the procedure to the shape of your individual eyes, the results are excellent outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

We Take Pride in Patient Satisfaction

Read what just a few of our 500,000+ happy patients have to say about LasikPlus.

LASIK is an easy 5 step process

At LasikPlus, your procedure is comfortable and quick.

1 Step 1: Your Initial Eye Exam

Through a FREE, 60- to 90-minute consultation, we determine if you’re a candidate for laser vision correction. You will undergo many tests similar to those you’ve experienced during your annual eye exam, as well as additional scans that tell us important information about your eyes as they relate to LASIK.

Free Consultation Includes:

  • Check for visual acuity and visual field (peripheral vision)
  • Measurement of Corneal thickness and topography (shape)
  • Reading your previous eye prescription using your glasses lenses
  • Examination of your pupils for reactivity
  • Evaluation of the muscle function and dominance of your eyes
  • Assessment of your eye health with pupil dilation and slit-lamp test
  • Reading your eye’s pressure to check for glaucoma
  • Inspection of the peripheral retina for health
  • Assessment of your overall medical health
  • Discussion about your hobbies and occupation

All of these factors help your surgeon determine if you are a candidate for laser vision correction, and if so, which treatment option is best for your eyes. Once complete, this exam aids your surgeon in developing your unique LasikPlus Customized Treatment Plan.


LASIK is an easy 5 step process

Step 1

2 Step 2: Are You a LASIK Candidate?

Using the results of your comprehensive eye examination, your doctor will create your own personal customized surgery plan tailored to your prescription, eye anatomy and personal needs.

At LasikPlus, we know that laser vision correction is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, to provide you with the best outcome for your vision, numerous factors must be taken into account to provide you with a LasikPlus customized treatment plan.

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LASIK is an easy 5 step process

Step 2

3 Step 3: The LasikPlus LASIK Procedure

At LasikPlus, the LASIK procedure takes less than 15-minutes per eye.

On your procedure day, you should expect to be with us for about 90 minutes to 2 hours. This allows adequate time for your registration, preparation, and final eye testing, and gives you an opportunity to relax and enjoy this life-changing experience.

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LASIK is an easy 5 step process

Step 3

4 Step 4: Immediate Results

Upon sitting up in the treatment room, you will immediately be able to see. If you are like most of our patients, you will sit up and tell us the exact time from the clock hanging across the treatment room! *

After a quick check, you will be provided with protective eyewear and released to go home. Even though we may ask you to keep your eyes closed on the drive home, we realize you, like most patients, will take a peek, only to be surprised that that you can already read the street signs.*

Your significant vision clarity will continue to improve over the following days and weeks.

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LASIK is an easy 5 step process

Step 4

5 Step 5: Post-Operative Care

After the surgery, you may experience slight discomfort or a feeling similar to having an eyelash or dry contact lens in your eye. This sensation generally disappears after the first day.

For the first few hours following your procedure, you will want to rest your eyes. You will already be seeing clearer, but avoid straining your eyes too much. Your LasikPlus team will guide you through all the details of post-operative care and into your new life of improved vision before and after your treatment is completed.

When you choose LasikPlus for your laser vision correction, you become part of our family. That’s why we schedule regular post-operative visits after your procedure. Your treatment day isn’t the end of your LASIK journey; it’s the beginning of a new life with sharper images and brighter colors.


LASIK is an easy 5 step process

Step 5

Life After LASIK

At LasikPlus, you're family. That’s why we schedule post-op visits periodically after your treatment.

The day of treatment

Immediately Following LASIK

After your surgeon completes a post-LASIK check immediately following your procedure, you will be given protective glasses to wear and can be driven home. We recommend that you relax and take a nap for several hours with your protective glasses on.

Be sure not to rub, poke or touch your eyes. If you experience irritation, use the artificial tears provided by your doctor. Also follow your doctor’s instructions on using your steroid and antibiotic eye drops.

On the day of your procedure, you will want to relax and avoid straining your eyes too much. Taking a nap when you get home will help your eyes start to heal. Once you get up, you can resume most normal activites. Celebrate your new vision by going out to dinner!

Few Days After LASIK

Resume Normal Activites

Resume Most Normal Activities, including:

  • Reading
  • Computer/tablet usage
  • Watching television
  • Returning to work
  • Exercise (keep the sweat out of your eyes)


  • Situations where dust or debris could get into your eyes such as gardening or yard work.
  • Contact sports
  • Swimming/whirlpools/hot tubs

After your procedure, we'll schedule a quick follow-up appointment within a few days after your procedure.

Continue following your doctor’s recommendations regarding eye drops, and be sure to keep water, soap and shampoo out of your eyes when showering.

Most patients see well enough to drive to their follow-up appointment and return to work the day after their procedure. 

As you read, use the computer and watch TV, be sure to keep your eyes well lubricated and rest them if they feel strained. 

1 Week After LASIK

Back to Normal

Exciting news - After one week, you may stop using your protective glasses when sleeping and most patients are done with the use of the prescription eye drops (you will still use your preservative free wetting drops).

Some patients may have additional, quick post-operative visits scheduled with the medical team.

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Tell us your location, so we can tell you about your surgeon.

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