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Why Choose LasikPlus - Oak Brook

LasikPlus Chicago – Oak Brook has become the trusted destination of tens of thousands of individuals seeking laser vision correction surgery. As the Medical Directors of LasikPlus Chicago, Drs. Horn and Aymond have had the privilege of performing over 120,000 collective procedures during a span of nearly two decades. By dedicating themselves 100% to LASIK, they are true LASIK experts and are part of a team of LasikPlus surgeons who have cumulateively completed over 1.6 million procedures.

Our expertise is not just with our surgeons, but also with our supporting optometrists and technical staff members, our training, our equipment maintenance, and our diligence to outcome analysis. We strive to provide and continue to improve on our best all-around patient experience.

How have we become a LASIK center of excellence?

1. By providing all-laser LASIK, thus eliminating the antiquated bladed-LASIK technique, we are performing a treatment that results in excellent outcomes and high patient satisfaction.1,2 

2. By offering multple laser platforms to allow us to provide each patient with a customized treatment plan for their individual vision correction needs.

3. By offering guaranteed financing to all patients including $0 down or 0% financing options, and options with monthly payments less than $100‡

4. Through our Lifetime Advantage Plan. At LasikPlus, your satisfaction – and investment – is protected for a lifetime with the LasikPlus Lifetime Advantage Plan¤. While laser vision correction is a long-term vision correction solution, a small percentage of patients require a re-treatment after their initial procedure. With the Lifetime Advantage Plan¤, you can rest assured that you are covered for re-treatments, free of chanrge, for life and one-year of laser vision correction related folow-up visits.

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