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LASIK in Schaumburg

999 Plaza Dr
Suite 100
Schaumburg, IL 60173

David King Aymond, M.D.

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Schaumburg Vision Center

Schaumburg, Illinois LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

Your Schaumburg, Illinois LasikPlus Vision Center Location

999 Plaza Dr
Suite 100
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Google Reviews of our – Schaumburg, Illinois IL, LasikPlus Vision Center

Diana S.   

5The staff, doctor, and procedure was amazing. Best decision I've ever made. Everyone is very organized and Dr. Aymond talks you through the whole procedure and makes you feel incredibly comfortable. It has been a few hours since my procedure and I can already see better than I have in years. If I had to do this all over again I most definitely would. 
Chris W.   

5Guess what I'm not wearing!?!? I just had Lasik eye surgery on 9/28/17 and I have to say it's life changing! I woke up this morning able to see everything around me clearly for the first time in 15 years. Minimal irritation but a new outlook on life! No more fumbling around in the morning looking for my glasses, no more inconvenience of wearing glasses and worrying about them getting fogged up or dirty. The procedure was quick and painless. The staff and doctors were very friendly and informative. Getting eye surgery can be very intimidating and the thing I liked the most was how well the procedure was explained to me before I went in and how well the doctor explained everything to me while it was happening. It took about 1 minute to prep each eye, 29 seconds with the laser on my left eye and 26 seconds on the right. I felt nothing but some slight pressure that wasn't painful and was over before I knew it. This is day 1 and I have better vision than I did with contacts or glasses and I wonder why I waited this long. 
Narendhar K.   

5It was very good having surgery here with Dr. Aymond. Now my vision is very good. And I’m so excited. 

5Well worth the wait! I was the last patient on Saturday, had a bit of a long wait, but the procedure was only 9 minutes! 20/20 was well worth. Dr. Aymond and staff were amazing. Thank you. 
Kellye P.   

5I was recommended here by multiple people who said how amazing Lasik Plus is. I was very nervous but the doctor was nothing short of amazing. He explained to me everything he was doing during the entire procedure. Ot really calmed me down. Nurse staff was great and made you fell just as comfortable. I would recommend everyone to come here. 

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