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LASIK in Edina

3300 Edinborough Way
Suite 412
Edina, MN 55435

Omar Awad, M.D.

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Edina Vision Center

Minneapolis, Minnesota LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

Your Minneapolis, Minnesota LasikPlus Vision Center Location

3300 Edinborough Way
Suite 412
Edina, MN 55435

Google Reviews of our – Minneapolis, Minnesota MN, LasikPlus Vision Center

Pete A.   

5Highly recommended! Surgery was very quick and I'm seeing 20/20 already the next morning. Should have had Lasik done years ago! LasikPlus was very professional and easy to work with. 
Judy B.   

5Incredible experience. They got me in quickly and everything was very smooth. 20/10 after the first night! 
John B.   

5I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Awad and his crew - everyone was knowledgeable and friendly. The procedure was fast and relatively painless and I couldn't be happier with my new 20/15 vision!!!! 

5My experience at LasikPlus was spectacular. Coming in for the consultation, they were very professional and answered all my questions. They recommended PRK for me, which I learned was a better fit based on my eyes, and they explained why that would be a more suitable procedure. The surgery was not painful, and was finished in a matter of minutes. When it came time for my check up a few days afterwards, they even customized a plan to make sure my eyes were healthy. I would recommend this location to anyone looking to get laser vision correction. 
Helena B.   

5Everyone here is so professional and friendly. They are all very upfront about the procedure and what to expect. I had a million questions the day before surgery and Dr. Cleary took the time to sit with me and ease my anxiety. Dr. Awad was great too, such a quick procedure! They do great with education on aftercare as well. The procedure is uncomfortable but quick and not painful. Once the numbing eye drops wear off, your eyes feel gritty and very watery, but after you take a nap for a few hours you wake up feeling 100% better. I would definitely recommend Lasik at LasikPlus to anyone. 

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