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LASIK in Louisville

3999 Dutchman's Lane, Suite 5F
(located in Norton St. Matthews Medical Building, Plaza 1)
Louisville, KY 40207

Jason Greenberg, D.O.
Louisville Vision Center

Louisville LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

Your Louisville LasikPlus Vision Center Location

3999 Dutchman's Lane, Suite 5F
(located in Norton St. Matthews Medical Building, Plaza 1)
Louisville, KY 40207

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5The staff is efficient and polite. Before the surgery i wore glasses since the 3rd grade and I was -3 in each eye, my right eye would not focus far or near, only one spot about 1/2 an arm length away. After the surgery 2 weeks later my eyes are almost completely healed and my vision is 20 /15 and my eye that would not focus is starting to focus at distance a lot better than it used to, i suspect with time it may even correct itself completely. After waking up from a nap after the procedure, my eyes felt almost normal, just a little tired. The first thing i looked at "alarm clock" was clear Minimal discomfort for maximum effect. It feels really good to be able to do things without taking my glasses off or having to stop in the middle of something to clean sweat or grease off of them "car work". I am in my early 40's and wish i would have done this 10 years ago. The Procedure only took about 2 minutes total time in the office was about an hour on the day of the procedure. "i was 30 minutes early" = \ plus i had to watch a 10 minute video due to not checking my email for a couple of weeks. HIGHLY recommend these folks. 
Haley H.   

5Had a great experience! Qualified for the $250 per eye. Staff was extremely friendly! Appointments were quick. They answered all questions and was very informative! I recommend everyone to go to Lasik Plus. Best thing I have ever done! 
Jose U.   

5Everyone was friendly and they were very informative and knowledgeable. Made me feel comfortable through out the entire process. And I even received a discount for working at UPS. The surgery is pricey but well worth it! If your on the fence about it just come in and get your consultation so they can answer all your questions. 
jam j.   

5I was nervous at first. Skeptical even... but then a miracle happened. With vision at a -4 with astigmatism, i was never sure what true vision was like.... now i have 20/20 vision... and i have never been more confident. 
Shelley S.   

5I am a super consumer and very difficult to wow! My consult appointment was very informative and walked me through each step of how the process worked. The science behind this technology was so impressive! They also offer financing through Care Credit that's interest free! Tracy was so helpful as well as the rest of the staff! The day of surgery, I walked in, there was no wait. The Process was seamless and as a patient had all confidence in this team and facility. The bedside manner of Dr. Greenberg was outstanding! I wasn't scared and felt informed the entire visit. This experience was super patient focused and they have it down to a science. Normally medical offices are all focused around their schedule and their needs. This is the most patient friendly focused experience I've ever encountered! Don't wait, take the plunge! Ditch the glasses and contacts. Best decision EVER!! 

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