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LASIK in Gwinnett

3175 Satellite Blvd
Building 600, Suite 175
Duluth, GA 30096

Eugene Smith, M.D.

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Duluth Vision Center

Duluth, Georgia LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

Your Duluth, Georgia LasikPlus Vision Center Location

3175 Satellite Blvd
Building 600, Suite 175
Duluth, GA 30096

My job as a firefighter required me to wear contacts 24/7. As you can imagine, that was at times frustrating. I had my surgery in September 2010. My job, my entire well being has improved since then. The fact that I will be saving money in the long run, also makes this easily the best decision I've ever made. You genuinely have a much better attitude with perfect vision. I encourage anyone thinking about LASIK to schedule a consultation. They will work with you, it truly was a great experience. 
Alex T.
Lawrenceville, GA
I have been wearing contacts for over 25 years. Getting LASIK at LasikPlus was the greatest thing that has happened to me! The feeling of opening your eyes for the first time in years and your vision being clear is amazing. Dr. Eugene Smith and his staff were very professional and friendly; making this experience that much greater. 
Joe C.
Covington, GA
I did my surgery a few days ago and I'm very happy with the results and the amazing service. It felt like a safe environment full of professionals. I would recommend LasikPlus and Dr. Smith to anyone looking for LASIK eye surgery. I'm very happy to have done it! 
Yesenia T.
Lawrenceville, GA

Google Reviews of our – Duluth, Georgia GA, LasikPlus Vision Center

Susana V.   

5I love the experience at LasikPlus! Would do it all over again if I had too! 😜 The doctors and staff are not just amazing! They are caring and helpful. The procedure itself was done within 10 minutes, but overall, I stayed there over three hours since I was also waiting for my ride to arrive. And even though I was done, they took care of me and came several times to ask me how I was doing. 😊 What I love the most besides the very welcoming and friendly environment, is the kind people that work there. Great team! 💕 
Anita A.   

5The staff is really great! Had my surgery yesterday and starting to my road to seeing 20/20 after 12 years of having glasses. Literally crazy how I am seeing pretty well! Surgery went very well and Dr. Smith was great. He even called later that night to follow up with me to make sure everything was good! 
Kristian S.   

5I had my procedure on Saturday, and I noticed a tremendous change by Sunday. By Sunday evening, when the surgeon called, I saw even more improvement. I am very pleased. I was reading some of the reviews beforehand, and saw money was an issue. I attempted to have this done about 10 years ago, and the price wasn't much different for older technology. Overall, I think the service was excellent, and the price was spot on. 
Alberto R.   

5I loved my experience here at LasikPlus. The staff, from the receptionist to the nurses, are here for you. They all seem to actually care. If you're looking for a wholesome experience rather than just a procedure, I recommend LAsIkPlus. 
Marina R.   

5LasikPlus is an amazing office. Their services are amazing, and the staff create a welcoming atmosphere. With refreshments and care, LasikPlus is an amazing company for anyone looking for Lasiks. 

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