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LASIK in Denver

7440 W. Alaska Dr

Lakewood, CO 80226

Howard Straub, D.O.

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Lakewood Vision Center

Denver, Colorado LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

Your Denver, Colorado LasikPlus Vision Center Location

7440 W. Alaska Dr
Lakewood, CO 80226

Google Reviews of our – Denver, Colorado CO, LasikPlus Vision Center

Cassondra M.   

5I have been wearing glasses and contacts for 17 years. Having lasik surgery was the BEST thing I decided to do. No pain or discomfort. I was amazed with the results minutes after my surgery. Day 2 has been even better. I’m amazed by how sharp and clear I can see everything. The staff was great and very supportive. Thank you all again for giving me happy eyes!!! 
Christian B.   

5LasikPlus changed my life! The employees are amazing! Everyone is so nice and helpful while you go through every step of the process. I checked with other doctors before choosing LasikPlus and I know I chose the best place! Thanks to everyone at LasikPlus! 
Kerry W.   

5After my eye doctor referred me to a LASIK practice with mediocre patient reviews, I turned to google to try to find the best LASIK center in Denver. The sheer volume of positive reviews for LasikPlus prompted me to make an initial free consultation (it was free so what did I have to lose?) and I'm so glad I did. These folks are the BEST. At LasikPlus, both the office and patient process are very well-oiled machines -- yet personable, caring and compassionate. The entire process for me (between initial consult and LASIK procedure) was literally 48 hours. And the results are amazing! Everyone I interacted with at LasikPlus --- the receptionists, technician who does consultation, doctor who gives you the ok for procedure, and finally surgeon and surgical assistants -- were true professionals, so wonderful and put me at ease at every step. I'd recommend LasikPlus to everyone! 
Tracy B.   

5An easy experience. I felt confident in the care I received from everyone at the office. The procedure itself took about five minutes. The only pain during the procedure was from the pressure during the flap creation, which lasted about 30 seconds per eye. After that, I was amazed at how quick the laser part was. The next morning, my eyes feel dry but not too bad, and I can see! 
Alisha G.   

5I love the way they are very informative on what you will be doing each step of the way. They are very organized about the routine they are about to send you through and the procedure goes so fast. I remember not being able to see Dr. Straub before the procedure. After the procedure, and before I closed my eyes for the required eye rest, I saw his face almost clearly. Wow!!! 

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