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6500 Jefferson Street NE
Suite 150
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Howard Straub, D.O.
Albuquerque Vision Center

Albuquerque LasikPlus Vision Center Reviews

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6500 Jefferson Street NE
Suite 150
Albuquerque, NM 87109

To be honest I was very nervous and unsure about my decision to have LASIK, but I was also tired of wearing glasses, and not being able to wear contacts. I've contemplated LASIK for three years and finally decided "why not" set up my free consultation. I went into Albuquerque's office, and I was amazed. The staff is friendly, and talks you through the entire process. The procedure itself was pain-free and quick. I woke up the next morning with 20/20 vision. To be honest, LasikPlus gave me my life back. I no longer have to feel ugly with low self-esteem. I feel invigorated and new. 
Patricia F.
Albuquerque, NM
I was skeptical at first and afraid, but I'm not sure why I didn't have LASIK sooner. It's been an awesome experience and I love not having to search for my glasses or deal with contacts any longer. If you are not sure or afraid, don't be. It's painless and very well worth it!! Do it!! 
Shannon G.
Albuquerque, NM

Google Reviews of our – Albuquerque NM, LasikPlus Vision Center

Stephanie D.   

5Absolutely great professional, and friendly staff. Each and every person was immensely friendly and informative of the different procedures and what was best for your eyes before surgery. Day of surgery all staff were excellent at comforting in making sure you didn't go into surgery nervous and during the actual quick painless surgery the doctor talks you through absolutely every single step and anything you may feel at the time. Post surgery recovery I slept for 4 hours and could already see great. Day after check up I could already see 15/20 vision which they said was great progress and they were keen on asking and answering any questions about recovery. Loved the experience! Well worth every single penny. I felt great waking up and not having to wear contacts or put on glasses 
Stephanie F.   

5I went in for my consultation on 1/26/2017 and scheduled my Lasik surgery for 2/17/2017. From the consultation appointment the staff was fantastic. Explaining every exam being done and pausing in between each so that I had the opportunity to ask questions. On the day of my surgery was no different. The entire experience was awesome. The morning after my surgery I was at 20/20 vision. I was able to see clear without any glasses. After 30+ years of wake to bed-time of having to wear glasses this was the best decision made for my eyes. I highly recommend taking advantage of the free consultation to get all the facts and your questions answered. 
Camille R.   

5Everyone on staff makes you feel comfortable and more at ease, especially the day of surgery. They are nice, compassionate and easily make you feel at home. I would recommend this place to anyone who is considering Lasik, nervous/anxious about the procedure or anyone who has questions about Lasik. It's worth the money and worth the visit! 

5I went to LasikPlus because of their five-star reviews, and they were all correct; this was the best experience -- from beginning to end -- that I could have ever imagined. Their staff and technology are superior, and I'm grateful that I chose them for this procedure. Everyone there was wonderful, but I have to give a special acknowledgment to Catherine for explaining everything to me so clearly. She's the best! On a side note: LasikPlus also has the best chapstick that they give out as promotional items. 

5I have wanted LASIK for most of my life and the amazing, kind staff here has made this process the most positive and wonderful experience. After 20 years I can see with incredible clarity! So happy with everything and everyone here.  

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