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The LASIK Miracle Moment - See How Your Life Can Change

There’s a moment after every LASIK procedure that we call the miracle moment. It’s an “A-ha!” moment, and it’s different for every patient. It happens when a patient sees life without glasses or contacts for the first time – and finally comprehends the lasting impact LASIK has made.

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LASIK Questions and Answers

  • What happens during my free consultation?

    • Your free consultation will take up to 90 minutes. We’ll check the overall health of your eyes and provide you with a customized treatment plan for your unique vision needs.
    • We’ll answer any questions you have about the treatment, results, financing, or anything else!
    • We’ll find a convienent time to get your treatment scheduled.
  • How much does LASIK cost?

    • The cost of lasik will depend on many factors, including your prescription, the procedure to best correct your vision, and discounts through your health or vision insurance plan (to name a few).
    • We offer a variety of financing options that fit almost any budget, from 0% interest or $0 down, to plans less than $100 per month‡. Financing is gauranteed as well†. See website for details
    • If you have an employee-sponsered felxible spending account (FSA), or a Health Saving Account (HSA), LASIK is an eligable expense for either.
  • What is the difference between LASIK and PRK?

    • Both LASIK and PRK can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.
    • The difference with PRK is how the cornea is prepared for the procedure. Rather than a laser being used to pepare the cornea (as you can expect with LASIK), the corneal tissue is gently wiped from the cornea, The actual reshaping of the cornea for the vision correction is the exact sam as with LASIK. Following the PRK procedure, a soft contact lens is placed on the eye to act as a bandage. This allows patients to see and function while the corneal tissue regenerates and heals beneath the lens over the next few days.
    • For some patients, PRK offers distinct advantages. This will depend mostly on your corneal thickness, lifestyle, and occupation. During your free consultation, your doctor will learn about your eyes and you in order to recommend the procedure that will best correct your vision.
  • Is LASIK permanent? How long do results last?

    • Both LASIK and PRK are considered permanent procedures. For a small number of patients, a re-treatment may be necessary to obtain optimal results. With the LasikPlus Lifetime Advantage Plan, medically appropriate re-treatments are performed free of charge.
  • What should I expect after LASIK? What is LASIK recovery like?

    • Most patients have immediately imporved vision following the procedure. Naturally, there will be some blurriness of vision, but most patients see clearly within 24 hours and return to work the next day.
    • After LASIK, we do encourage you to continue annual eye exams to check the health of your eye, just as you should have annual physicals. You can have these exams with any optometrist of your choosing. If you do not have a regular optometrist and would like a referral to one, let us know during one of your visits. We have relationships with hundreds of optometrists across the country.
  • Does LASIK hurt?

    • LASIK and laser vision correction procedures are virtually pain-free, because the eyes are numbed with anesthetic drops prior to the procedure. Patients will feel light pressure during the procedure do not experience pain, but may have a foreign-body sensation, like dust in the eye, for a day or two. Wetting dropscan be used alleviate this sensation, as well as any dryness.

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