• Vision Disorders
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At what age can I expect to need reading glasses? When will I experience presbyopia? After we celebrate our 40th birthday, we inevitably can’t see as well...

Author: Robert Dinga

Vision Disorders

Myopia is the medical term for “nearsightedness”.  Being nearsighted means you can see near objects well without the use of glasses or contact lenses, but your distance...

Author: Eugene Smith, M.D.

Vision Disorders

Astigmatism, commonly mispronounced as “a stigmatism”, is different from farsightedness and nearsightedness in that it is not typically caused by...

Author: Ronald Allen, M.D.

Vision Disorders

Most people with imperfect vision are able to name their vision issue. For example, “I’m nearsighted.” However, fewer patients actually understand what causes their refractive errors. Some...

Author: Marcus Page


LASIK is one of the most popular elective vision-correction procedures. With so much discussion surrounding the topic, it’s no surprise that myths and inaccuracies creep into the...

Author: Ronald Allen, M.D.

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People with myopia have difficulty seeing objects at a distance. Prior to having LASIK, that is how I saw the world around me. My nearsightedness limited almost...

Author: Dean Ellis, M.D.

General Eye Health

“Eye conditions” and “eye diseases” are frequently used terms that lead to some confusion among patients. What’s the difference? What are some common examples of each to...

Author: Michael Moore

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