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Patient Stories

Social media site Pinterest is a source of inspiration to millions — and it goes beyond cupcake recipes and kitchen decorating ideas. Some pinners use the site...

Author: Robert Dinga

Patient Stories

Jeremy Epstein received LASIK in January 2013 from Sonny Goel, M.D. We caught up with Jeremy to find out why he made the decision, what the procedure...

Author: LasikPlus


People with myopia have difficulty seeing objects at a distance. Prior to having LASIK, that is how I saw the world around me. My nearsightedness limited almost...

Author: Dean Ellis, M.D.

Patient Stories

Jenn received her first pair of glasses at the age of six after a routine screening at her elementary school revealed significant nearsightedness (or myopia). After eight...

Author: LasikPlus

Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

Considering the financial investment required for LASIK, you’ve probably already compared the cost of the procedure versus the cost of years of continually replacing glasses and contacts....

Author: LasikPlus

Nearsighted, Farsighted, Astigmatism?

LASIK or PRK at LasikPlus can help

Patient Stories

For years I had heard about LASIK and how it worked, but nothing really prepared me for my own LASIK experience. My husband and I both grew...

Author: LasikPlus

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