Life After Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK can have countless positive effects on your lifestyle and day-to-day activities. While a reduced dependence on glasses or contacts is the primary reason many undergo laser...

Author: Howard Straub, D.O.

Life After Laser Eye Surgery

You researched LASIK. You met with several doctors to determine whom you wanted performing the surgery. You scheduled the procedure, and you’re mentally prepared for the big...

Author: Gerald Horn

Life After Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK can be a life-changing event. It modifies your morning and evening rituals, shapes the way you look at the world and reminds you of how it...

Author: Daniel Weber

Vision Correction Procedures

Like all medical procedures, there is a recovery time associated with LASIK vision correction. All patients are different, but most find they recover faster than they anticipated....

Author: LasikPlus

Vision Correction Procedures

You researched LASIK. You talked to friends who had the procedure. You went to the initial consultation. You daydreamed about how easy life would be without glasses...

Author: LasikPlus

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