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What Should I Look for in a LASIK Doctor?

Walk into your eye doctor’s office with a list of questions to make sure you get the information you need to make an informed decision. Here are some possible questions to ask:

  • Ask for details about his experience. You should ask your provider how many procedures he has performed, how many years he has practiced and whether the doctor tracks the outcomes of his patients. If the surgeon benchmarks his work, it means the doctor is committed to quality and continuous improvement, according to the Eye Surgery Education Council.
  • Ask about training, education, associations, awards and certifications. These are all good indicators of the level of experience he or she has.
  • Ask about the equipment that will be used for the surgery. LASIK technology has improved over the years — make sure your doctor is using the best equipment for your needs.
  • Ask the doctor how she manages her practice. Will the doctor who performs your surgery be available for postoperative care? How many prospective LASIK patients are turned away each year? LASIK isn’t for everyone, and responsible doctors often decline the procedure for up to a quarter of their prospective patients.