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All the best about LasikPlus - in plain view

From expert surgeons and modern technology to a variety of payment options and online scheduling, LasikPlus is here to make 20/20 vision* accessible regardless of your age, prescription or lifestyle.

Top Surgeon Experience

The surgeons at LasikPlus are some of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the field.

LasikPlus surgeons are held to rigorous hiring standards on medical, personal and professional levels. Then they undergo industry certification and testing.

In fact, our surgeons are so highly trained that they teach the next generation of refractive experts at prestigious universities and colleges like University of South Florida, University of Central Florida and Georgetown University.

Combined, LasikPlus surgeons have performed over 1.9 Million procedures. They are experts in techniques dedicated to ensuring you receive the most appropriate treatment for your individual vision condition while keeping you comfortable and allowing you to return back to your daily routine the same day.

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    Professional Football Player Myles Garrett shares his LASIK experience
    Myles' LASIK Story

    Myles Garrett shares his story about having LASIK and how clearer vision impacted his life both on and off the field.

    Watch Myles LASIK Story
    article article
      Professional Soccer Player, Ali Krieger, Seeing More Clearly After LASIK
      Ali's LASIK experience

      Ali Krieger, an experienced professional soccer player, is now enjoying the benefits of having clear vision to help her continue to perform at the highest level on and off the field.

      Watch Ali's LASIK Experience
      article article
        Ohio Couple Gifts $30,000 For LASIK
        An Incredible LASIK Giving Story

        Dave and Laura Fosson of Waverly, OH have spent nearly $30,000 gifting LASIK eye surgery to family members, friends, and community members.

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        PATIENT STORY 4 OF 7
          LasikPlus Helps This Dad See the Details That Matter
          George's LASIK Story

          George, a father of four from the Cincinnati area, had always enjoyed an active lifestyle, even with his glasses and contacts. However, a life-changing incident convinced him to get LASIK.

          Read about George's LASIK Journey
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          PATIENT STORY 5 OF 7
            Caroline's Experience
            One of the best investments

            I had my LASIK procedure less than 24 hours ago and I am already back at work and my vision is almost perfect. This is one of the best investments I have made for my health in years. The results are amazing. I would recommend LASIK at LasikPlus to anyone who needs vision correction. The results are worth five times what I paid for the procedure. If you are thinking about having LASIK, don’t wait another day!

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            PATIENT STORY 6 OF 7
              15 Years After LASIK
              LASIK and My Life

              Jenn, a LasikPlus patient, shares her experience with LASIK and life 15 years later.

              Read Jenn's Story
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              PATIENT STORY 7 OF 7
                YouTube Star Sees the Beauty of LasikPlus
                Leesha's Beautiful LASIK experience

                While the idea of LASIK can be frightening to some, one YouTube blogger overcame her apprehension and in return got the perfect vision she’s always wanted.

                Watch Leesha's LasikPlus Experience

                At LasikPlus, we use 100-percent bladeless technology.

                Advanced Technology

                In addition to lasers used during your procedure, we also use a full range of diagnostic equipment that is not typically used during routine eye exams you may have had in the past. From your pre-operative consultation to your post-operative check-ups, we will only use the latest technology to ensure precise diagnosis and measurements.

                Minimal Discomfort

                Our laser technology ensures your laser eye procedure is precise, with minimal discomfort and fast recovery.

                Custom Solutions

                Unlike some LASIK clinics equipped with only one type of laser equipment, LasikPlus does not utilize a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our advanced technology offers you a customizable experience that’s individualized for your unique vision conditions.

                Safety & Comfort

                We care about your safety and comfort. That’s why we continually invest in advanced vision correction technologies, for diagnosis and treatment, to ensure you receive the best experience possible.

                The LasikPlus Lifetime Advantage Plan

                The Lifetime Advantage Plan provides 90-days of unlimited, procedure-related follow-up care and, if necessary, enhancement procedures for life.

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                Insurance Coverage

                We are identified as a preferred LASIK provider by leading health care plans nationwide

                * Including EyeMed, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna and WellPoint.
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                Frequently Asked Questions

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