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The Preferred Co-Management Program for ALLDocs

The LasikPlus Co-Management program is a great way to earn up to $1,200 per patient by partnering with the preferred laser vision correction provider for the ALLDocs organization.  Plus, partnering with LasikPlus allows you to offer more services to your patient base, from an experienced medical provider using All-Laser LASIK. Whether you’re one of our over 1,000 current LasikPlus co-managing doctors, or you have never considered co-managing LASIK with LasikPlus, there has never been a better time to earn BIG. This is also an excellent way for your patients to experience 20/20 or better vision* and continue their lifetime eye care with you, their trusted eyecare professional. To get more information about our Co-Management program, or get more collateral materials, please call 1-866-784-3030 or email:lasikpluscomanagement@lasikplus.com

Benefits of the Co-Management Program


A Great Way to Earn Revenue

A 30% Co-Management Fee for our partners.

patient and doctor

Convenient Patient Flow

All we do is LASIK, so we return every patient for post-operative and future eye care needs.

LASIK surgery

All-Laser LASIK Technology

Our medical teams use All-Laser LASIK technology with every patient. In addition, we have multiple excimer lasers so we can fully customize treatment for every patient.

LasikPlus leadership

Leaders in the LASIK Industry

Our surgeons have performed over 1,800,000 procedures nationwide.

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