How Does LASIK Surgery Work?

The treatment is a minimally-invasive procedure conducted on an outpatient basis in a laser eye center with special temperature and humidity controlled operating rooms. Laser Eye Surgery reshapes your cornea with a cool laser to refocus how light enters your eye.


The best known type of laser vision correction is LASIK. LASIK stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis and is a type of laser eye surgery that involves lifting a thin, outer layer of the cornea and reshaping the tissue beneath it to correct the eye’s focus. While some providers still use small blades called microkeratomes to create the flap of corneal tissue, LasikPlus uses only 100% bladeless laser vision correction for your comfort and the quality of your vision.


There’s no reason to live with blurry vision when convenient laser vision correction is available at a LasikPlus vision center near you! Laser vision correction changes more than the way you see; laser vision correction transforms how you look at the world. You deserve to see every detail of your life, so schedule your FREE LASIK eye exam to speak with our caring team about whether you’re ready to see your life in focus with laser vision correction.