When nothing less than ultimate vision performance will do, elite professional athletes and US Military personnel often choose ICL. Why? Because they have a choice and they want the best technology for their individual vision needs. There have been over 350,000 patient eyes treated worldwide—are you ready to get the best in performance and satisfaction for your eyes?

Superior Technology for Super Athletes

Steve Holcomb

In 2008 Team USA bobsled pilot Steven Holcomb almost gave up the sport because of his poor vision. He could no longer compete with contact lenses and other treatment options did not fit his individual needs.

After the ICL procedure Holcomb not only achieved 20/20 vision, he went on to win gold medals at both the 2009 World Championships and 2010 Olympics.

“It was about ten minutes, and as soon as I was up I could see 20/20. It’s been pretty incredible ever since and literally a year later I’m a world champion.”

Tom Danielson


In 2011, top U.S. Professional cyclist Tom Danielson had the ICL procedure to correct his 480/20 vision.  Danielson struggled to see with contact lenses and suffered from severe dry eye. After the ICL procedure, Danielson now has better than 20/20 vision and it has helped him to elevate his performance substantially in one of the most physically and mentally demanding endurance sports.


“It is no coincidence that I had my best season following the Visian ICL procedure. Sight in cycling is everything. Imagine descending a mountain going 60 miles per hour on less than one inch of rubber. Every rock, pothole or dip in the road comes at you quickly, and you have to react with cat-like precision. The Visian ICL has transformed my racing and my life in a very real way. This is a leading product for any outdoor, active individual.”

Listen to Tom describe his experience with the Visian ICL:

Soon after his Visian ICL procedure, Danielson was the top American finisher (9th overall) in the 2011 Tour de France.

Nothing Less Than Ultimate Vision Performance

Since 2006, the Visian ICL has been improving the vision of the bravest people in our nation under the harshest conditions imaginable. In fact surgeons in the US Military have implanted over 5,000 Visian ICLs with results that are nothing short of heroic.

  • More than 98% of patients had 20/20 visual acuity or better
  • 100% were able to see better than before surgery wearing contacts or glasses
  • 100% believe they function and perform better

If the Visian ICL can meet the demands of soldiers in the US Military, imagine what it can do for you! Schedule your FREE ICL Consultation at LasikPlus today!